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Between a Dating and a Matrimonial Site

The Arranged Luv idea took shape when i was talking to few people I knew, were looking to get married but hated the idea of arranged marriage but did not where to look. So we built something placing it between a dating site(casual fling) and matrimonial site(just marriage on the mind typically with elders in the background). In the process also trying to solve problem of fake profiles and provide alternative matching based on familiarity rather than cast/community.

Arranged Luv dot com is a couple of months old, we are trying to create a platform where you can form real life relationship that might lead to marriage or at the least friendship. 

As the platform is built over facebook data(so no fake guys/girls profile in sense vetted by friends) and uses familiarity based logic(connected through friend /friend of friends or have interests in common etc.). Some matching parameters are manually done for the moment.

I would appreciate if you guys could give Arranged Luv dot com a spin and let me know your feedback.


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  1. Hi Rajat,

    I personally feel that asking for FB credentials without even showing (not telling) what the site can do, introduces a layer of resistance that I need to pass before experiencing the site. While I understand that your entire concept is based on social discovery, and you need social signals for providing relevant suggestions…I still feel that let the user experience what you have to offer, and then make a choice to provide credentials if they see that you can further refine the results for them using their social graph etc.

    The counter on your site is a big giveaway…at every refresh it starts at 1142, and simulates as if there’s one user joining every second…you might want to change that.

    I think you could clean up for UI a little bit…there’s a Home button floating in bottom left corner, the FB, Twitter links dont work.

    As for your questions, can you elaborate a little bit around what you mean by Growth, and Engagement Metrics? I think both a interconnected…if you don’t have enough engagement on site (time spent, repeat visitors, sharing etc.), then it’ll automatically have an impact on Growth (number of registered users)…so I think both of these are closely tied, and you’ll not be able to choose one over the other.

    Before you try and figure out, “when to monetize”, can you elaborate on the “how to monetize”?  I think that’ll help you answer whether your monetization is dependent on “number of users” or not.

    Honestly, havent registered on your site to give feedback on what happens, and how it works…as I personally am not a big FB user, and dont give permissions to apps that I cant know more about.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Hey Rajat,

    Can I have your email id ??



  3. rajat,

    alok shared your post across social media – this was on fb – 

    Prabhav Mishra Does the site only finds people who use

    i suggest you also check his tweet trail as well. 

  4. Thanks Asha and Alok.

    Have checked. Thanks a Lot!

  5. Hi Vikram,

    Thx, yes we are working on the UI, will share with you for your feedback again.


  6. Hi Kunal,

    You can write to me at


  7. Hey Rajat,

    We started a similar site in May – Rishtey Konnekt ( and are working on it quite actively. Here are the learnings that I’d like to share:

    1. I agree with Vikram – FB Connect is indeed a barrier for a lot of people. Making people sure that you will keep their engagement absolutely private is very important. 

    2. Focus on engagement – repeat logins – referrals. Paid advertizing will only take you so far and once you have burned all cash, you will not know where to go next. 

    3. We have made RishteyKonnekt a paid site – once people find interesting matches, they must pay to connect with them. Over next 2 months we will find out if it works. 

    Good luck. Keep building. 

    Cheers.. Manas

  8. Hi Manas,

    Thx, By interesting matches you mean the two people have liked each other and ready to talk now?


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