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Blockchain Technology- Let its 3Ws Shout for it!

The old question- “Is it in the database?” will be replaced by “Is it on the Blockchain?” –William Mougayar

In fact, not the future, it has become the buzzing present.

Blockchain technology has already been raised the bar at an extent by today and it’s constantly escalating higher. It is a new “class” of “interface” of virtual currency scenario, which makes sure that every transaction must be safe, upfront, and without any loose ends.

It is, indeed, an emerging trend that makes its featured position in technological sphere. Even, there are people, who are unaware of this terminology until now. However, this has brought a great facelift to the field of the technology. And, it’s one of the influential reasons that many blockchain development companies are beating the bushes for this latest technological asset.

Basically, the blockchain is a “decentralized database”! And, a credible Blockchain development company models, develops, and deploys it as a new and classic version of the database, keeping all norms in the loop.

Although, it has also crawled through ups and downs, today, it is standing with a secure database for multiple transactions.

Let’s move ahead to know its literal meaning and application…

  1. What is Blockchain Technology?

It is a shared digital ledger that offers a secure way to make and record transactions, agreements, and contracts. Plus, every transaction is digitally signed to assure its accuracy and integrity that no one can tamper it. It is actually transferred in an encrypted code so that no one can breach the security parameter.

These digital ledger entries are being distributed across an infrastructure or deployed interface. What happens is that a specialized software is developed to automatically store the information into the database, whenever the new transaction has been made.

And, a blockchain consists of blocks, which are encoded or hashed different batches of transactions. As we move forward, every block has been validated to cinch the security of each transaction in the database.

  1. Who developed Blockchain Technology?

According to studies, blockchain technology is developed by a person or a group of persons, known by a pseudo name- Satoshi Nakamoto.

And, yes, it is a great invention that makes all the technological enthusiasts awe-struck.

  1. Where can Blockchain Technology be utilized?

Blockchain technology is a channel to exchange Erc20 development company, Bitcoin, etc., in return for different assets.

In the present epoch, it is leaving its footprints in every sector and waving higher as the time crawls. That’s why many of the companies switch to blockchain development and help people to make a transaction in a way that saves time & cost as well.

  • In pharmacy, blockchain tracks and detects the serial numbers of drugs/medicines to avoid any kind of discrepancy.
  • And, even in cross-border payments, blockchain proves to be secured in terms of food and other eatables exchanging campaign.
  • In flashy fashion sphere, through blockchain, it is easy to track the entire lifecycle of an ensemble. Whether it is for show-stopper or for an actress, it will be kept secured and audited in an efficient manner.
  • In the jewelry industry, blockchain is used to keep information of diamond and other gems safe and will only be revealed to the right person through encrypted code form.
  • Above all these fields, blockchain is using tremendously in finance and it helps people to keep their transactions secured, plus, recorded at ease.

So, what we can say is that- the blockchain technology is a great medium for secured digital transactions of cryptocurrency and; believe me; the next generation will be going to rock with this technology thing.


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