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BrownPacket – Delivering healthcare at your doorstep

BrownPacket is an online medicines and wellness care delivery platform. Customers can buy medicines online via the website or the brownpacket app.

Problem faced by consumers

1. Consumers don’t get all the medicines at one store. They need to go to multiple stores for all the prescription medicines.

2. Consumers are concerned about getting right medicines that mean they don’t agree on substitute medicines. This makes the job of pharmacist more difficult.

3. Consumers expect  to get the medicines as soon as possible. They order non-prescription medicines whenever it is required.

Buy medicines online from BrownPacket

BrownPacket is aiming to resolve challenges faced by the customer. We have tied up with pharmacy stores before hitting the consumer platform. Currently, BrownPacket is delivering medicines and healthcare products in most parts of Bangalore and some certain areas in Patna using two medicine delivery partners. BrownPacket has a 24 hour delivery service as well with 10% additional discount.

Another main objective of BrownPacket is not to let go our local pharmacies and giving a helping hand to grow their business. There are more than one lakh such stores in India. The online medicine stores are hitting their “big dream” margin. Hence, it is important to save these jobs for next few years so that we can create a good infrastructure to cater to consumers daily need. People still trust these pharmacy stores when it comes to health.

BrownPacket is easy to use. Anyone who is over 12 years of age can access the app from Google Play store and order medicines for themselves or on behalf of their family members. The user needs to scan the prescription under specific instructions and upload to the website or in the App. The app has been designed considering elderly people as well in mind as it is really easy to use.

Try BrownPacket today. visit to order from the website or download our App. Use Promo code- “hood5” to get an additional 5% discount.


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