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Call for co founder in Delhi /NCR


I am Farhan. I am from Delhi. With regard to my qualification I am  B tech(Jamia Millia , New Delhi) and MBA (IFMR, Chennai). After completing B-TECH ,  I worked for three years at CSC (Noida) , thereafter I took  a break from studies  and completed MBA (Finance + Marketing)  in the year 2012  . I also completed my internship from KPMG .I am currently working at Infosys (Mysore) as BA/consultant for the last 1 year. Hence I am having total 4 years of professional work experience. (Just to make things clear though I have been into IT , I do not know coding / web design. My roles have been related to either support or Analyst) 

Above was just to tell my background. Now the reason behind writing to you is that I have a  fire within for entrepreneurship. I keep on reading journals, novels , business books and blogs about the same. Since entrepreneurship involves a team effort , I being solo is unable to proceed further . Hence I would to team up  with people who are in the process of forming the  founding team for their venture (preferably  Delhi/NCR based) .

I have few ideas myself but I am also open to work on the other’s ideas as well if I find them fit to my acumen (both tech and non tech).

Anyone finding my profile worthy for them , please connect with me at explaining in brief about their idea/venture.





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  1. Hi Farhan!!

    There wasnt a better day to post this.

    We The Rodinhooders from Delhi organise regular meets to interact offline with fellow Rodinhooders. And today is one of those.

    I would suggest that you be a prt of it today…. meet the fellow Rodinhooders… Share your Views/ Pain Points and surely you may unearth what you are looking for.

    The Link for the same is here….
    And for any query you may have….. you may call on the numbers mentioned there or mail me at

    Thanks… And Looking forward to see you today……

  2. Farhan, its better to have an idea and then look for a fit rather than try to find a team and then jump on an idea.  Why? Decision by committee almost always never works unless you know the other people so well that you can predict the timing of their fart.  🙂  Pick up an idea you really love,  and then look for partners.  

    For example, if your title reads like: “Looking for co-founder with tech expertise to build teleportation device” it will attract the skills and passion of people around matter teleporting.  Note that this is an example.  In the real world today, if you say you are going to build a teleportation device, you will also attract every Trekkie nut job from Kanyakumari to Nova Scotia. :))

    Owning the idea also creates the necessary motivation to persist with it and aligns your vision to stay focused on the result irrespective of the obstacles that come up.  With an idea by committee nobody really owns it and you will tend to flip flop when things get tough and you may get stuck in a rut.


  3. I agree with Abey Bhai…. my point was just focussed on coming and meeting fellow Entrepreneurs and find for your self… what is best to you as no one but only you can decide for urself.

    Best Wishes!

  4. Oh.  Sorry Gurpreet, didn’t mean to imply that the meet up is not valuable.  Meeting with other entreprenuers is a must especially when you are floundering around for ideas.  When stone strikes stone sparks can fly.  🙂

  5. Arre Na Na Abey Bhai……. My point was in Support of yours……… But You shared the complete view and I just shared one side of the solution of meeting people. Guess… Thats on top of my head today 🙂

  6. 🙂 

  7. Thanks Abey and Gurpreet for your valuable tips 🙂

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