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Can’t we create the NEXT BIG thing from India? It’s REALLY SO EASY.

Rodinhood open house never happened in Indore. I wanted to ask this question while standing infront of you all but I cant wait more, these thoughts make me go mad in the night 😉

Here I go-

What we need to create the next big thing?

1) An Idea. The mind blowing idea which can dazzle world.

2) Who comes with an Idea? Almost everybody have some idea, some crazy idea. What if 5000 entrepreneurs come up and get settled on one idea? WOW

3) Capital( Which we lack every time) so when so many of us come together to work on a single thing, do you think we are going to need lots of capital? NO

4)Lots and lots of crazy people to work day and night to make it hit. For example- 5000 people are enough to create a buzz about anything. I believe so. Do you?

Now let me suggest why its so easy because we are living in a world of connections, and networks. We have communities like The Rodinhoods.

So is it really difficult to convince 5000 people to come and create something together in a month or two without spending any money?? (When 5000 people come together to create one thing by taking some percentage of the company, they are bringing their own skills too.

( Actually we might not need 5000 people, it can be done with 100 or less number of entrepreneurs, the reason behind asking lots and lots of entrepreneurs to come and join is to create that ONE thing without putting up any capital and that means starting something with just ZERO capital. )

So what we need is their work not their capital. Like someone will be the designer, someone will be the programmer and everybody will be the marketer. Its like winning half a battle. 

This thought of creating something along with thousands of co-founders dazzle me everytime. 

Just imagine, if we could do this, we can create the history

Any suggestions? What say?


I posted this question on Quora.

Here is the link-Can’t we create the NEXT BIG thing from India? It’s REALLY SO EASY                                             



I am Tanutejas Saraswat & I am NOT speaking all this because it sounds so sexy, I am asking all this because I have a feeling that this kind of things are possible if we run to create them.

I might be wrong or just pointless but what if we can do something like this? What if we could create something without even thinking about funds? what if we could start something with the help of 100s of entrepreneurs?  

Real strength lies in Networking. And we have an example for that- “FACEBOOK”. 

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  1. Can’t we?

    (the comment has been made to grab the attention) 

  2. Checkout, bit similar as per your thoughts and got success in just couple of years. Tanutejas I am in. Let’s try out this way, somewhere either we will be successful or get lot of experience and in both ways we will be rich.

  3. @manish- Thanks boss! I so so so believe in this.

    I mean, when we get together, we are not only working as an individual. fate, luck, work, skills etc etc are coming from all the people who are working together. So the chances of FUN is always high.

    Why to even think about failure.. It will be a fun ride. What say?

    Spread it with your network and lets do this..

    (We are three members strong to implement this concept including you and me) 🙂

  4. Ok Tanuteja, let me spread this message and if we really want to make this workout then some guidelines and aim need to create initially only which will help us to target those people and take on board.

  5. Tanutejas.. this might be too early but the following are my action plan to make this happen (feel free to edit and comment until we agree upon a model):


    Phase # Alpha:

    1. Articulating a Purpose/Mission Statement: Why this?
    2. How are we intending to do this? – includes basic outline on the operation, legal, financial, managerial aspects of the business
    3. Strategic analysis of the concept may help us decide to move further cautiously

    Phase # Interests Generation:

    1. Create a free website based on the above information and promote the same via all possible social media websites to gather as many interests as possible

    Phase # Plan Map:

    (A)   People: from the list of people who expressed interests in this project we must be able to create a table (sort of) with the following information on each individual:

    –          Basic Contact Details

    –          Professional Expertise

    –          Solutions they could offer

    –          Time investment: possible number of hours they could offer to this project

    –          Why are they in this? (reasons behind their motive)

    (B)   Ideas: we must be able to do the following:

    –          Identify a global (range of) key verticals

    –          Iterate the verticals through voting or other mechanism to narrow it down and carve niche markets

    –          Specifics in the niche markets

    –          Detailed view on the ideas with all possible strategic analysis (SWOT, PEST et all) or go by guts or popular choice; market research; impact or difference this idea could make

    –          Finalise the ‘BIG’ idea

    (C)   Project:

    –          Project Management right from inception to completion: if necessary we could deploy a PM Methodology like Prince2 or PMP

    –          Plan the Man: resources allocation from the pool of people who have expressed interests with relevant skills

    –          Even though every single person’s contribution will be justified/encouraged; a hierarchy of roles, responsibilities will do some justice

    (D)   Product:

    –          Launch

    –          On-going management structure et all…..

     I think.. this must be enough to start with.. what do you think?

  6. very nice!

  7. Wow. This is Solid :-)))
    Yeah, this is enough to start with.
    Lets create a website, spread with the world, ask people to come and join.

    There are certain things which is also very much important along with above points. Will discuss them over mails or calls.

    Thank you very much Nithya for crearing a spark 🙂

  8. Hi Tanutejas, I think our Rodinhood leader Alok has already come up with the next big thing idea, that is IIE, and he said that he si giving serious thoughts to start it within Rodinoods. So, we can do it with absolutely no capital, create buzz with 5000 of us!

  9. I believe, Yes it is possible to make next big thing from here …. not that easy though.
    But I don’t think this model will work.
    5000 entrepreneurs are meant to create more than 5000 companies. That’s hard coded in their DNA. Its tough to get them all and work on one idea.

    Avengers worked, it was a movie.

  10. Tanutejas I know what you are trying to say is limited to the field of commerce but take a step back for a moment and consider…  India has already done not 1 but 2 “next big things”….

    Exhibit A: Englightenment

    Exhibit B: The invention (rather discovery) of Zero.  Okay there is some dispute about whether India actually invented it.  But they say the world discovered it after we discovered it for the last time….  Consider this.  The modern world hinges on zero.  Rodindhoods (the website) runs on zero.  All modern ‘next big thing’s have zero as an integral part of their existential structure.  Now imagine you see the entire modern world with its Facebook and Google and what not in the blink of an eye.  Now take away zero from that.  What are you left with?  No more binary data flows….no more computers…. can you hear the caveman scratching for roots on the grubby island of what will not be called Manhattan…..

    Now consider the momentousness of something we take for granted.  Its frickin unbelievable if you stop to think about it.  We quantified nothingnness!!!  

    ‘Next big thing’? We’ve already done it.  We just need to wake up to it…. :)))))

  11. Hey Puneet,

    Yeah, its totally right. To get settle on one idea is very very tough job. And for entrepreneurs, its damn difficult but what if only 50 entrepreneurs come and join for the one thing. For ex- 50 people work for free, from scratch to the final launch without even spending any money. And then, will ask more people to come and give ideas and will create more things and will sell it. Something like this.

    I mean, its like a factory where lots of product get started from the scratch and reach to the market with the help of many management and operational chains. I am saying- what if we could create that chain for FREE??

  12. Hello Abey,

    wow. it was mind blowing. Never ever thought like this before. 

    So basically now we have an example for that. And that means we can create the next big thing. 

    We are so many people, so many visionaries are connected with each other.

    Why not take advantage of our own network?  

    (Your comment just pushed me forward to jump into this ) :))

    Keep pushing and keep helping .


  13. We can create the next big thing but paradoxically we can’t create it by committee.  🙂

    Explained in this post here.

  14. Hi Tanutejas, 

                       Great idea.I would like to contribute too by putting forward this idea which I hope will be beneficial to all of us (entrepreneurs). please do read and let me know if this is the next big thing you are looking for.  my email id is awaiting your reply. would like to explain the idea in detail as theres more to it than in the post.

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