The bearded man

The bearded man, Had planets in his eyes, When he looked at me, And said, “all will be fine”.   The bearded man, Tried so hard to be,...Read More

Water & Clouds

water & clouds, are my gods. colorless, egoless, in unseen meditation, floating, like migrant gypsies, traveling, without destination, unstoppable...Read More

In Heaven’s Waterfall

Water in meditation Is a waterfall. A flowing expansion, Suspended in motion, A musical friction, Soothing, healing, uplifting Its invisible audience....Read More

The Himalayas

The Himalayas They know you, Having met you before, In this life or the past; There is no witness. They stand: Wishless, dreamless, deathless. A monum...Read More

Knock, Knock…

This morning, after jumping meditation, Sensei requested the Monks to quietly stand in a line with a little distance between themselves. Next, Sensei ...Read More

Passing the Pillow

This morning, after a session of bumblebee meditation, Sensei surprised the monks by proposing that they play ‘passing the pillow’. Sensei requested t...Read More

The Shopkeepers

Last evening, Sensei accompanied by Head Monk and the Monastery Monks were strolling around the riverbank that flowed below the Monastery. At a certai...Read More

Autobiography of a Yogi: The best book on leadership I have read!

As featured in Mint & Livemint by P. R. Sanjai. The best book on leadership I have read: Alok Kejriwal Alok Kejriwal, CEO and co-founder of Games2...Read More

Looking into a Pond…

Yesterday, a Guest Monk from a nearby shrine visited the Monastery. Sensei treated everyone for a leisurely walk around a large pond located on the we...Read More

The Fish in your Mind

The fish in your mind, Like to swim. The sharks are called Past, The piranhas named Regret.   The fish that swims up, goes as Hope. Make place fo...Read More

The Wind Chime and the Wind

The Wind Chime asked the Wind, “When will you blow?” The Wind asked the Wind Chime, “When will you chime?” They asked each oth...Read More

The Elephant who understood

Yesterday, Sensei asked a few monks to accompany him to a nearby Monastery that housed a special elephant. The rumor was that the elephant understood ...Read More

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