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To be a Monk…

A bunch of really young boys wanted to join the Monastery and appeared before Sensei and the monks this morning. Sensei lovingly asked each one of the...Read More

The Queen of Hearts

This morning after meditation, Sensei held up a pack of cards in his hand and said, “Monks – please come to me one by one, and try to pull...Read More

Maun Vrat (fast of silence)

I’ve been observing silence in the morning for many months now. It lasts from the time I wake up around 630 to 930 am. This is what i have obser...Read More

Walking in Footsteps

Early this morning, Sensei and the monks went to the seashore. Sensei told the monks, “Let me see how many of you can walk in my footsteps. I wi...Read More

Gravelled Pathways

Last evening, the pathway of the Monastery was carpeted with fresh, round, beady grey pebbles of gravel! The monks excitedly walked up and down the pa...Read More

What are you afraid of?

This morning, after early morning silence meditation, Sensei walked with the monks in the lawns of the monastery. There was a fresh smell of pine in t...Read More

Wind Monk

Yesterday Sensei and the monastery monks were resting in the main hall after early morning meditation. An old, stern looking Monk wearing maroon robes...Read More

The Shadow

This morning, Sensei and the monks had gone for a long walk. Near a field, Sensei stopped and asked the monks, “Look at my shadow. Tell me what ...Read More

The Fisherman

Once Head Monk and Sensei went fishing with a fisherman in his boat. Shortly after they had settled into the lake, the fisherman caught two fish. This...Read More

Jigsaw Puzzles

A few days ago, after the evening meditation, Sensei gave each of the Monks a jigsaw puzzle box without saying anything. Last evening after the medita...Read More

The Cemetery

For the past few days, in the late evening, Head Monk has been taking the Monks to the local cemetery. There, for almost three hours every day, the mo...Read More

The Tea House

Last evening, the Monks accompanied Sensei to a famous Tea House upon a hill. The Tea House was picture perfect. It had beautiful zen gardens, cosy wo...Read More

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