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Jigsaw Puzzles

A few days ago, after the evening meditation, Sensei gave each of the Monks a jigsaw puzzle box without saying anything. Last evening after the medita...Read More

The Cemetery

For the past few days, in the late evening, Head Monk has been taking the Monks to the local cemetery. There, for almost three hours every day, the mo...Read More

The Tea House

Last evening, the Monks accompanied Sensei to a famous Tea House upon a hill. The Tea House was picture perfect. It had beautiful zen gardens, cosy wo...Read More


At the Monastery, we have interesting personalities. Sensei encourages monks to ‘be themselves’. Hence we have Laughing Monk, Truthful Mon...Read More

The Blackmailer

Last evening, a rather unusual guest visited the monastery. He was the country’s most notorious blackmailer and had just been released, after se...Read More

The Rooster

The Monastery sounds its Confucius bell early in the morning to wake up its residents. It’s a beautiful, deep, magical bell that makes beautiful...Read More

Zebra with Orange Stripes

After morning prayers, Sensei told the monks, “For a long time, I have wished for a Zebra with Orange Stripes. Let me ask each of you if you can...Read More

The Meteorologist

A famous meteorologist was the guest this morning at the Monastery. Sensei introduced him and requested that he address the gathering and share what h...Read More

The Marathon

The marathon runs past the Monastery! As a practice, Sensei waves to the runners from the terrace and the monks cheer and hand them water bottles. Aft...Read More

The Mountaineers

Two accomplished mountaineers visited the Monastery. One of them was quite famous for scaling the peak of a major mountain. The other man was his brot...Read More

Imagining Happiness

Sensei gathered the monks in the auditorium. He instructed them to gently shut their eyes and said, “Vividly imagine things that give you happin...Read More

Statue Monk

Yesterday, the Monastery celebrated the Winter Sun Festival. The day was warm, and amidst orange mountain peaks and lush pine trees, the monks gathere...Read More

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