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The Marathon

The marathon runs past the Monastery! As a practice, Sensei waves to the runners from the terrace and the monks cheer and hand them water bottles. Aft...Read More

The Mountaineers

Two accomplished mountaineers visited the Monastery. One of them was quite famous for scaling the peak of a major mountain. The other man was his brot...Read More

Imagining Happiness

Sensei gathered the monks in the auditorium. He instructed them to gently shut their eyes and said, “Vividly imagine things that give you happin...Read More

Statue Monk

Yesterday, the Monastery celebrated the Winter Sun Festival. The day was warm, and amidst orange mountain peaks and lush pine trees, the monks gathere...Read More

Forgive or Forget?

Angry Monk asked Sensei, “Sensei, I have an issue with someone. Tell me, what is more important – to forgive or to forget?” Sensei s...Read More

The Roller Coaster

One of the world’s greatest Roller Coaster designers (a monk) came to meet Sensei. Sensei introduced him to the monks and invited him to speak. ...Read More

The Fog

Early this morning, Sensei and the monks left the Monastery for a pre-dawn walk. They walked around a large circular field that was shrouded in a deep...Read More

The Rope Way

Yesterday morning, Sensei told the monks that they were invited to stay at the legendary Fog Monastery in the upper mountains. Fog Monastery was a sec...Read More

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