How to write effective e-mail proposals!

In the last 14 years or so I’ve received zillions of e-mail proposals. On an average day I get 200 e-mails (not counting spam and social media n...Read More

Create a Startup – A real drama!

Recently, I had a unique opportunity to host a session to explain the business of startups. What emerged was a fun, highly interactive and ‘dram...Read More

The five business lessons I learnt from the story of Zara’s founder Amancio Ortega

I read an amazing write up about the world’s richest man – Amancio Ortega in the latest issue of the Economist, and was humbled  to learn ...Read More

Basic Funding Concepts for Entrepreneurs!

 Do Finance terms bother you?   Do you get flummoxed when you hear of Pre and Post Money, Dilution Percentages etc? Don’t understand the V of Va...Read More

4 Ways to Meet Your Client Deadlines with Project Management Tools

We have witnessed some rapid developments in the technology industry in the last decade that have forever changed the world of business. The internet ...Read More

On a Budget? 31 Free Tools for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Whether you’re working for yourself full time or just taking on a couple side projects outside of your day job, you’ve probably noticed by...Read More

Drinking your own Kool-Aid

Over the past decade, I’ve come across this term “Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid” several times. I remember it being mentioned ...Read More

PR for Startups. A reference guide!

All startups need PR. But the business of PR is confusing, time consuming and costly. Here is a simple guide for first timers who have little experien...Read More

Learnings from the CFA Institute’s Wealth Management Seminar

I was invited to speak at a very prestigious event of the CFA Insitute in Mumbai on the best practices of Wealth Management. I guess I was invited not...Read More

99 Questions every Investor will ask… Especially a VC

      Awarded the “RodinStar” Post  of the week!!     About me I am a 35 year old first generation Tech & Int...Read More

How to post content on TheRodinhoods – some pointers to get noticed!

Hello Rodinhooders,   Now that we have a swanky new wordpress site and lots of newbie members, we thought we’d just make a brief list to help you...Read More

What is De-monetization? Explained simply, Rodinhood style!

There is so much noise and confusion about the ‘de-monetization’ move by Namo that I thought to myself, “How can one explain this business in a very s...Read More

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