Trump, do a “Namo” on the Dollar and become Immortal!

Donald Trump must do to the Dollar what Namo (Narendra Modi) has done to the Rupee. If you are unfamiliar with the de-monetization move by Namo, read ...Read More

My take on why Hillary lost and Trump won

Though, Hillary had a resume of a perfect candidate with perfect experience, perfect background and perfect timing of the 21st century with the highes...Read More

How Chatbots will disrupt governance and elections

When people ask me why they should use a bot, my answer is simple. Bots are engaging. Land on a webpage and you need to go through the effort of readi...Read More

(Comic) Election Detection

Choices are tough. Americans have a major choice to make on November 8th. New entrepreneurs also have important selections to make. Three of the most ...Read More

Not Just One But Five Worthy Startup Lessons From 5 Superhit Bollywood Movies

Small and true confessions before I share this post. I had this post of Startup Lessons on LinkedIn and had few interactions.  Until I got into a chat...Read More

(Comic) Funding Vortex

  Squeeze that last cent!   There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world. There are those who take risks very cautiously and work as long as...Read More

(Comic) Leads that Bleed

  Of course you are aiming for a YES. But when you get a NO, remember, all NOs are not the same. As you begin your hunt for customers, you will c...Read More

Cash is King. Love Live the King

This post is dedicated to the longest living and unconquered King of all times – ‘Cash’. Once you invite the King, you can’t cancel later. In 2001, co...Read More

7 Books Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Read

Going from an aspiring entrepreneur to being a full-fledged business owner requires a great deal of strength, determination and often a little motivat...Read More

Running Musings: Gritty for Life

It’s the 7th day of your latest attempt at dieting. You call in that last ounce of willpower to resist that delicious looking meat burger. Having alre...Read More

How Children Teach Us About Creativity

I was sitting on the stairs and waiting for my friend to complete his test as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I was watching a few children who were play...Read More

Evading the Shadows – a book review

For someone who grew up reading ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ books, it was an honor to have the opportunity to review a book written by a Creative Head of the ...Read More

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