VCs needed for Mobile ads idea

Hi all , we are developing a mobile application which is an ad tool. Its a incoming call-ad service wherein the customer when receives a incoming call...Read More

The Ride

The planet of was magical. Pulsating bursts of energy swept the skies. The eastern side of the planet was enveloped in a dual sunris...Read More

One straw revolution

One sure way of spicing up any get together is to casually mention something about agriculture. Every time i have a drink with a bunch of friends and ...Read More

Crossing the Chasm

My ex-boss suggested that i read crossing the chasm by Moore and i did. Fantastic read and every page has you hooked. The book is invaluable for tech ...Read More

Can India be made as Clean as Switzerland in 1 yr?

I think it is possible. Just consider for a moment that all we Indians consumed was beer and newspapers. We would already be spotlessly clean. Beer bo...Read More

Yoda visits Rodinhood was blessed by a surprise visit by none other than Master Yoda. When I walked into my Rodinhood office, I was speechless to see Yoda c...Read More

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