Layoffs suck. Be less of a jerk.

Dear Entrepreneur, We recently had to go through a small round of layoffs and some people in our team were let go. Getting yourself in the position of...Read More

VIP Interview with CoCubes founders, Vibhore and Harpreet

As we start a new year, we are happy to announce a new column on Rodinhoods called VIP Interviews. We will showcase those founders and start-ups that ...Read More

Mulchand, who runs two ventures – one during the week, one over the weekend!

  I have no recollection of how I became fb friends with Mulchand. All I remember is, admiring everything about his facebook life! His timeline w...Read More

Meet Mini Menon who’s going to bring you unique infotainment with Indy Network!

[From Left to Right: Alok Nair, Mini Menon & Akshay Chavan] Mini Menon needs no introduction at all. If you’ve watched and followed business chann...Read More

“Push a little every day; over time you would’ve covered a great distance.” Meet A S Raj Gopal!

I got an interesting opportunity to e-interview A S Raj Gopal – MD & CEO, NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies. He’s got 20+ years of ...Read More

Meet Punam who brings Bihar’s Thekua (sweet dish) online!

I believe that the wave of entrepreneurship has opened a door of opportunities to everybody and Indian women are making the best possible use of it. I...Read More

Personally Speaking – My journey from Socks to Software

These are snippets from an interview of mine with P. R. Sanjai which was featured in Livemint in Sept ’11!! I’m reproducing some of the pa...Read More

The Indian Dosage – Desi Hangover

Just like there is no process to fall in love and find your soul mate in real life, there is no shortcut to find your co-founder in the startup ecosys...Read More

Meet Tanul who brings Indian Food Culture to your table!

  When I think of a woman entrepreneur with diverse interests, Tanul Mishra comes to my mind. I haven’t really hung out with her in person much &...Read More

Kolkata couple builds an Online Store while keeping their 9-to-5 jobs

He is a designer by profession and an ardent art lover. She is an MBA and comes from market research background. Both wanted to build their own ventur...Read More

Vishal Tupper – from HR in a Tea Company to building a Travel Venture

Vishal Tupper was the Head HR in a tea company. He was always an ‘outdoor person’ and never liked a 9-to-5 cubicle based life. It’s his passion for tr...Read More

Ranjeet left his job so people could create & consume content in any language

Here’s the story Ranjeet Pratap Singh, an entrepreneur who quit his job because he wanted to do things which were challenging. Being a voracious reade...Read More

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