OTimber : Cases That “Wood” Take Your Mobile by Storm! – An Interview for

Sometimes, it only takes 25 minutes of a lukewarm shower and a nice cup of coffee after that, to think something out of box that would have the potent...Read More

Dropped out of IIM campus placements, touching 150,000+ customers today

  I wrote about Raghavedar Reddy Bojja and Yuvaraju Atmakuri in the New Indian Express dated 5th January, 2015.   Both of them were room mat...Read More

DesiOrigins-Creating Organic Livelihoods the E-commerce Way

A few months back i visited the Indian Council of Mental Health in Nerul, Mumbai. During the visit i saw a host of beautiful handicraft products made ...Read More

Meet Kashyap Swaroop, the film maker.

What is your story, Kashyap? Your background and schooling which led you here. As far back as my memory can take me, I’ve always been an odd-child. I ...Read More

Meet Kashish, a doer.

What is your story, Kashish? What got you here? I was a stubborn kid with can-do attitude. And I thought there’s a place and audience for every artist...Read More

Meet Kanchan, the industrious HR manager.

I met Kanchan when she joined GetMyPeon, taking over their HR reins. While she is vivacious, it took a couple of short conversations to understand the...Read More

Meet Aakash, who is a mockingbird.

I chose to interview Aakash Chaturvedi because being an engineer + MBA, he is building a career with an award winning marketing agency (Advocacy) yet ...Read More

Meet Mridula Arora – The nurturer for mompreneurs

As a frequent traveler in the Delhi Metro, more often than not I have many moms as fellow passengers. And whilst the journey, I overhear them share th...Read More

Great Places to Work – India features the Gozoop culture.

Interview on Greatness Diaries by Ritika Mulchandani. Rohan Bhansali is the Co-Founder of Gozoop, a global digital services and products company based...Read More

Ashish, The Cakeman who delivers feelings not cakes!

“About 2 decades back, as a kid studying in a hostel I always longed to get letters from my near and dear ones. And whenever I would get those b...Read More

Startup stories the Bollywood way – Alok chats with Naveen Tewari at TechCrunch’13

Before you start reading this post, you might first want to start out by mentally ticking the relevant bullets in the beginning. And the deal is that,...Read More

Meet Sudarsan Ravi, who is building a Gamification company.

We interview Rodinhooders because their stories are inspiring. ‘Unusual’ and ‘Unique’ will not be the appropriate terms, since all of us take pride in...Read More

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