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Alok on CNBC’s Rules of the Startup Game

Recently Alok along with Sandeep Murthy (Partner, Sherpalo Ventures), Sudipta Routh (Partner, Luthra & Luthra), Ingersol Jayakumar (Founder & ...Read More

How to Set-up Low cost Food Joint?

I had been running a food joint sometimes ago, committed lot of blunders and learnt lot of lessons. I have shared my story here. Lot of Entrepreneurs ...Read More

Internet Marketing = Traffic Generation + Conversion Optimization

  Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!!     Pic credit: John Brian Silverio, Island Capture Photography Sorry about t...Read More

How blogging changed my life

 As featured in the The Smart Manager Nov-Dec 2012 issue:     I am a devout Art of Living disciple and have been practicing my ‘Kriya’ (spir...Read More

From one Kejriwal to another Kejriwal.

 My dear Sir Arvind Kejriwal, Hope you are doing well. My name is Alok Kejriwal, and I am a humble digital entrepreneur based out of Mumbai. Sir, I ha...Read More

How Shashi Ruia of ESSAR helped me – A True Story

Prelude ***** In the summer of 1985, just after my ICSE exams, I started working for my Nana’s (Mom’s Dad) transport business in Mumbai.  Someone had ...Read More

The Curse of the Marwaris….

The tragedy is that despite being rich, successful and entrepreneurial, the Marwari community is CURSED. Why do I say this? Consider: – Even tod...Read More

Why am I so active on Social Media? Well, it’s the RAVAN conspiracy…

This post is dedicated to my good friend Nayana Somaratna. Very often I am asked by people – ‘Why do you Facebook, Tweet and Blog so much?...Read More

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