My Startup in Progress: Mayrahkee Event Design & Management

Firstly I’d like to say what a privilege it was to be selected to present at The Rodinhood Open House that took place in July.  I was the only w...Read More served hot at the ‘NSE’ to the ‘Rodinhooders’!

The 27th July 2012 Rodinhoods Open House was ‘s first Show & Tell to the world that it exists! Venue was excellent! What ...Read More – an Online Loan Comparison & Application Portal in India is an Online Loan Comparison & Application Portal in India. We enable our customers to COMPARE, SELECT & APPLY for a Loan with Mu...Read More

Want an Exclusive Rodinhood T-Shirt? Here is how to get it…

Want one of these? Really? Then – Earn ‘Em – Win ‘Em, ‘coz you are never gonna be able to Buy ‘Em!!!! This is how you can get your hands on a gr...Read More

Rodinhoods Open House 27th July 2012 at NSE Auditorium !!!!

There comes the last Friday of every month and all Rodinhooders across the kingdom of Entrepreneurship starts looking forward to be in the Open House ...Read More

A warm up video of the July Rodinhoods Open House!

  A small 7-8 minute video by Mandar of the starting session of the July Rodinhoods Open House at the NSE! Enjoy it and come for the next one, schedul...Read More

The 10 incredible lessons that 10 Rodinhood Entrepreneurs taught me!

The Rodinhoods Open House July 2012 (held on 27.7.12) was a smasher! We’ve never seen such a massive participation ever before! I hope that we h...Read More

Is the Entrepreneur born to spread love?

Yes. And I don’t doubt this at all. Why? If you have seen the 10x10x10 show & tell ppt format, after the intro slide it immediately asks, “The Mar...Read More

The Crazy Ones ( July 6)

So there I was on July 6 in a big auditorium full of people who either had left their cushy jobs to start their own thing or were thinking of doing so...Read More

How to start an ‘Open House’ discussion?

  It’s simple! Just fire up a discussion here and save it under the ‘Open House!’ category!  Good luck! See this discussion as a ref...Read More

The Rodinhoods August 2012 – Open House Agenda!

Open House Group Photo!! This is the proposed agenda for the Open House scheduled on the 31st of August 2012 – see venue details here and also RSVP pl...Read More

The Rodinhood Mumbai Open House Jam – 11th May 2012!

We had tons of fun at the 11th May 2012 Mumbai mixer! Watch these video snippets to get a flavor of one of the discussions! This one was started up by...Read More

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