Guidelines for Blogs and Discussions to be posted on!

Dear Members, There is an awesome flow of discussion and blog content coming through to the site! The editorial team comprising Asha and myself have a...Read More

Take Aways from the MIXER at MUMBAI

Just mentioning a few take aways from the event so can be shared for the next mixer:-) 1. Any event expect 1/3 of the people to attend if the fees not...Read More

How to add Presentations to!

We all have presentations that we are proud of or may need help with.   Also, presentations can always be improved. Why not share these presentations ...Read More

How to ASK a question on

Its very simple! Just ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE  Thats it!!  Sit back and wait for the rodinhooders to reply and get you the answer you were looking for!...Read More

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