An idea I wanna explore

All – I have been thinking of creating some real ‘ELEVATOR PITCHES’ for YouTube, TV content. It can be a nice way to show entreprene...Read More

An email which started the Point10 Journey!

Hi All, I am Jatin Chaudhary, Co-founder of Point10, which was was founded in April 2009 with an idea on creating a books exchange portal for engineer...Read More

How to market my product using Angel funding?

Hello everyone, First of all, my greetings to all of you on this great platform which Mr. Kejriwal has built (Kudos to him!). I’m founder of a w...Read More

Did you Bribe or Get Bribed this Diwali?

Another Diwali went by… In the office a few gifts piled up on my table. ‘Sadly’ they came from our BEST partners… Internally, ...Read More

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers

Do you say a yes to it? In my opinion yes, I hate books, I can’t read Novels, fictions, anything of that sort but business books inspires me. Wh...Read More

How it all started ……..

1999 – I was 9 years old when i first saw the computer in my dad’s office (in nagaland – north-east india). My father was a professo...Read More

Entrepreneur ‘Satori’ – how things start.

When? July 1992 Where? Florence – Italy – Factory floor of the Conti Socks Machine Factory What? Machine – 4″X108 – Sing...Read More

The Client is always right. Full Stop.

  The Client is Always Right. Full stop.     I wrote this note a few days back and revisited it today:     – After my a...Read More

Why doesn’t Jockey Pay me!!???? Arrgggggggg…

Games2win did a campaign for Jockey India in MAY 2010. Yup MAY 2010. They were mighty pleased with the results and its the 3rd of November now, and we...Read More

The Milky Waterfall

Unusual excitement reverberated through the Monastery corridors this morning. In Buddha Hall was seated a monk who had arrived just before dawn. He wa...Read More

Mirror Monk

Mirror Monk was a middle-aged gentleman who had joined the Monastery a couple of years ago. This morning he shared his story with the Monks. He said, ...Read More

The Photograph

This morning, Sensei and the monks walked up a mountain trail located on the northeast side the monastery. When they reached the mountain top, the vie...Read More

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