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Why is that only celebrities and models can create ads?

Hi Rodinhooders,

Have you ever wondered why only famous celebrities and models create Ads for brands? Why can’t You and I do the same?

When did I get this brainwave? While watching Ads between movies?? Nah!

My furkid (Ozzie) and I have an unique rapport and I keep doing voice overs for him, basically to articulate his thoughts to my family and friends. During one such hilarious session, my best friend told me “You should create Ads for pet products”. That got me thinking…

When I spoke to friends, strangers, Ad specialists, advertising agencies and asked them why only celebrities create Ads, below were the top reasons I got:

  1. You need good looks and great on-screen personality to feature in an Ad
  2. There are requirements of sets, studio, equipment etc in addition to photography and video editing skills
  3. Need an Ad director
  4. Possible only by advertising agencies
  5. Talent speaks always

While the reasons were valid, I wanted to bust the myth. Thus, MAAD was born..

MAAD – Make Awesome Ads! A platform that inspires creative people to create awesome video and picture Ads for the most preferred brands. MAAD is a patent pending mobile app available for Android users. Our goal is to become the largest user generated advertising platform.

Our clients include Coca-Coal, Ambrane, Relaince Digital, Oneplus, BookMyshow,ITC, to name a few.

MAAD was launched on August 1st 2017 and has 1000 active users with a social reach of 3.7M Pan India. We have successfully completed campaigns for ITC, BookMyshow and Coke.

App link –

Do check the link for a glimpse of our successful campaign with ITC (Yippee Noodles).

If you are a brand looking for user generated Ads, reach out to me at / +91 9741000874

Ozzie our brand ambassador 🙂

MAAD Brand Ambassador




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