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Cheat Code to be your OWN BOSS

Before i start , I  will like to thank you Mr.Alok for building such a great Platform + Hats off to you sir for hosting wonderful events. i haven’t attended yet but topic you choose are just superb . and i am active member in this site from last few months and as Techie I have seen many FOURMS and have build too so i know it is tough job to keep it clean so Special Hats Off to you mam (asha) for filtering all the posts .


Being your own boss was the major reason to start my entrepreneurship journey and its tough to digest that you are not. This month my Our company completed one year and this blog i will like to share something that i learned about “bossing” in start up.

 “Be your own Boss – Keep ordering yourself”

ONE part should be giving orders and other following those orders. I believe this is easy way to convince that you are BOSS. Order yourself to do whatever is needed to done; it may be from going 100 KM far for 1 minute meeting to sweeping or cleaning window of the office. I HAVE DONE IT ALL.

Don’t know why but i have huge amount of self esteem and I do this trick eveytime to console myself.

“You need to be SACHIN “

You can’t be just excellent in one field, you need to be all rounder , people in my era will know that whenever wickets were not used to fall sachin was called and he always used to take wicket, and I believe this is one of the major reason that SACHIN has this great fame . NO matter how small it is, if your TEAM is in trouble you need to gear up and save your team.

My office has Glass Door, When we bought office , Doors were extreme Dirty and as guy was charging 500 INR which was costly for us so  I decided to do it myself , Seeing me cleaning doors , other members joined me and glass was cleaned in 20-30 minutes. Trust me you will always get support from your team if you initiate.

“ALSO BE David“

Another Legend, Be the WALL between Trouble and Team or start-up still  be humble, never take fame (EVERYTHING IS BECAUSE OF ME), trust me it’s not.

Treat your employee as your Girlfriend”

Credits: tumblr

Not literally, I mean You can’t risk to have Break up “Ittni Acchi Dusrid Easily Nahi Milti ” I mean is Be Good to them give them space, credit even if you are not satisfied with their work, just at the end give them push to work hard and to improve the quality (You can’t do this with your GF though). Keep them Happy, It’s easy to keep them also if you have correct ones (Applied to both). You cannot treat them as employee of MNC or some big company are been treated , because in many ways we need to deliver better then them with less money to spent. 

Finally “There will be movements when you will feel that you have achieved or lost everything but don’t misunderstand that  activity with achievement Or failure .”

I am just a 1 year kid as entrepreneur, so i might be wrong in at some places, will love to know if I am.


Nitish Mehta ,

“Bhavna ko samajna ” Dont be grammar Nazi .!!!! 😉


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  1. Boss you are going the right way, just take care, employees don’t start throwing tantrums like GF! It often happens in Startup…!

  2. hello Nitish nice article to read. i went thru your resume and u mentioned ethical hacker since 2006. what exactly did u do? i am curious to know. 

  3. Thank you ,!!  Will surely Do .!!! I think i can tackle  them ..!! 

  4. Ammm..!! u mean about Ethical Hacking . ?? Or In general What i am doing now ? 

  5. Good read Nitish. Loved the analogy of comparing startup employee with girlfriend. I would like to add that, people chose startups for good challenges and the human touch lacking in big companies. We need to make sure to always keep these 2 points in mind, my 2 cents.

  6. in general

  7. Nice and inspiring article. 

    Rodinhood is really great platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and like minded.

    As you are Ahmedabad based try to meet up. 

  8. Thank you..!!! and Ya that is also one of the major point .!!! But for them , you dont need to worry much as there are challenges in start up everyday .!

  9. Surely ,, we can .!!! We will !!!

  10. In general .! I am currently doing Training + workshop for different colleges + Outsourcing for limited company and now i have started building our own portal and apps !

  11. Nice read Nitish!!

    Being in to the IT trade and Industry myself from a (very) long time now I can Feel what you wanted to say (as Techie I have seen many FOURMS) FORUMS

    Though I have found Girls (Friends of course) a very rare visual in the TECH field, if not for other Departments which are Intermingled and operate from the same place (then excluding), have been on the lookout for a Female Person knowing UNIX (Hard core Server end Admin requirement, for a Quota position for Females in a TOP tech Company for one of my Friends working there, Pune) [If any one knows please let me know the details, resume] Yeah Liked the style of your writing and to treat Employees as GF and tackle them as well 🙂

    Also heartily liked the part of Lead By Example, that always works wonders!! The Team spirit and work as a TEAM always pays off well.

    Have been reading your Posts Every month and was wondering if you have a new company Every month to work on or are these Projects of the same company? Observed that “illuminative works” already does all the things that you have listed for
    [WHAT BENIFITS WE OFFER ?] , Crowd Strenght , Reconization
    so is it to use the Free lancers in a way ? Same for the Android App ??

    What should be the app Name ?
    Posted by Nitish Mehta on May 31, 2013 at 3:25pm in Ask – India’s First Crowd sourcing Security Testing Portal born on 16/06/13
    Posted by Nitish Mehta on June 17, 2013 at 5:46pm in Startup

    Cheat Code to be your OWN BOSS
    Posted by Nitish Mehta on July 20, 2013 at 9:04pm in Your Story

    So which Company is in reference here, or is it in General being your Own Boss at all three mentioned ???

    What you yourself Say, on your own websites as below:

    We’re a Creative Workers Just to create or to have a website is not enough 93% of website became nearly useless or not able to give proper return due to lack of Proper Design, Maintenance, SEO, SEM and other stuffs. Every Business or individual’s website has different needs to survive in web world. We not just make a website we create a platform which accelerates your business or individuality. Technical Education should have practical approach. India has vast number of college and universities providing technical education, but major students are lacking on having a proper practical approach to their subjects which leads to failure or struggle in fieldwork. We bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation by workshops and give a complete industrial training by our industrial training.

    These are some changes that you might like implementing as below marked 🙂 I would leave you here with (I am just a 1 year kid as entrepreneur, so i might be wrong {in} at some places, {will} would love to know if I am.) Your Take 🙂

    Cheers!! Good Luck!!

  12. Good to Know that you are seeing my post every month and good that you raised question about this many project at same time .

    As you know my first post was Sasta , Tikav , IT team .! there were mix reviews for that so i Decided to exprement on myself , this month itself I am Hired Interns from Different Field Android, Php , asp ,java and we have started building different Platform . -> It is just in starting stage .! and this week we will start its coding and platform is Java 

    2.App who’s name i wanted to get suggested -> it is developed , Yeaaaa ..!! My first app is developed .! thanks to post in THRD I got very good name to thanks to someone in this FORUM someone bought the same day … ! , we are still looking for name and hopefully i will launch this app next month 15th 

    3. Apart from this websites and app we are working on 1 website and 2 different apps also , all are based on sasta Tikav , IT team concept .

    4. When I started this Company Illuminative Works . We did 2 things Out sourcing and Workshop+training .and now converting into product+ training and workshop (so bugbounty + apps + other websites ) and products which are under development of company called Illuminativeworks

    5. I know my site has many Errors , I m building new one .If you know some good content Writer then please refer me 

    6. about 1337 .1 //4||7 70 |<33P 17 51//PL3 everyone dont understand 

    thanks to show Errors.

  13. And oh about gf … Mere Bhai I dont mean k girls ko rakho ..!! i mean k spend atleast 200 Rs on your employees birthday and bring a cake , have monthly movie , or some outing , Vo corporate wale kete hai na Team Building concept  …!!! 

  14. Nitish,

    I try to read every post (as far as possible, with time at hand) on TRHS (The RodinHoodS) and not only yours for that matter.

    Glad you answered “this [these] many project” to understand they are from a Single company  under development of company called Illuminativeworks and various projects undertaken for the purpose.

    Also “Decided to exprement [experiment] on myself , this month itself I am Hired Interns from Different Field Android, Php , asp ,java and we have started building different Platform.

    So you are working with Free lancers and get your self hired as an Intern for the various Fields ? Great strategy.

    Which Platform are you developing (building) now apart from the listed ones excluded ? Have a name for it yet ? Post it, maybe Members here can assist you with a suggestion for the NEW platform as well, please do share. This is Great to know such Developments in India are happening and at our very own TRHs. We have a lot of Techie Members who would love to create History with you on this am sure.

    BTW – Reply by Rahul Bohra on June 6, 2013 at 5:24pm ” Yaadein ” thats what i suggest.
    You can Thank him the Someone who posted and suggested 🙂

    You did not answer for – Observed that “illuminative works” already does all the things that you have listed for so is it to use the Free lancers in a way ? Same for the Android App ???

    I get your idea of the Sasta, Tikav, IT team concept by now from your first post, for all your projects 🙂

    Thanks for the explanation on Illuminative Works, would still go with my understanding that it does everything you are asking other free lancers to contribute freely, which can be used as a Commercial offer on the company’s end.

    About “LEET – I want to keep it simple” at least try keeping it COMPLETE 🙂 (Hacking is not hakin9) See ? (C)

    The analogy on you own website says a lot about not able to make it “Just to create or to have a website is not enough” “lack of Proper Design,”  “and other stuffs” “to survive in web world” “ practical implementation”

    You wouldn’t want to rank High for the errors right ?

    I am sure people reading these comments would be glad to assist and volunteer for the Content Writer requirement, now that you accepted you need one 🙂 I already did my part if that is acceptable as Good for a start!!

    And Yeah about the GF part – Mere Bhai!!! I NEVER Said ke Girls Ko (hi) Rakho (why not ? if you DO find some, they are RARE though #itoldyou) too, I said treat all (Girls, Boys, etc) They (Girls) are already a Rare thing to find in TECH field 😀

    So you treat your Employees like a rare thing, that was supposed to be a Compliment, maybe you did not get it that time 🙂 Hope these make things clear ? Hum bhi kehte hain corporates ki kya baat hain, keep your TEAM Happy ALWAYS to keep growing similarly too.

    You asked for it so SAID it now. i might be wrong {in} at some places, {will} would love to know if I am.) Your Take 🙂 It comes Naturally to me, am good at that part 🙂 

    So we are good now ? You are Welcome!!! Cheers!

  15. Hello Nitish,

    in your portfolio you mentioned but i m getting 404 for that.

    mere bhai i m not saying i was your potential customer (i m just a software engineer) but after reading ur article felt like visiting your websites but felt that u let me down.

  16. ->hakin9 

    and i Misunderstood you on that girl wala part , i thought you meant something different ..!

    and Brother I never tried to offend you and Seriously Thank you for showing errors , I have bad grammar +spelling i know that , and cant write long posts . I dont have any solution for that , 

  17. bookworms was an outsourcing project of mine , i had build beta(coming soon page for him)..!! I guess it never cam

  18. We All Learn Everyday, but when YOU are into the Training part, you need to be more careful. It goes more on the Saying – “Practice what you Preach” here 🙂 People have their Notions on what they see, “Jo Dikhta hai Woh Bikta hai” another common saying.

    Before pressing enter and posting, always do a last Spell, Grammar check and that sorts out most of the time as it is inbuilt in almost all programs that we use nowadays. It Looks professional as well, helps you in the long run.

    Exactly!! what I meant the .org is missing in your Website 🙂 here you post it as ->hakin9 (This is what makes the Difference in COMPLETE!!)

    Hope I could help you in getting things corrected, Thanks for the opportunity. You can do better don’t worry we are all getting there in Time!!! Until then Keep DOing! 

    Practice makes a man Perfect, Solutions come, when Solving them!!! Try!! You would find there are many around who would be glad to help, ASK!!


  19. ohh ok. I can tell you your website’s first impression was very impressive. looking forward for your bugbounty. send us beta invite 🙂

  20. Oh .!! n yes darshan Bhaiya .! is way different then freelancer and other sites , we are building whole new concept !  and android app that we are building is also new , I have not found any other app in android similar to concept of mine 

    and ya , agreed about Doing .!!! Thank you once again ..!!!

  21. Ya i saw you email in Db. you have registered .! We will mail you soon . ! hopefully we will finish in few months .! 

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