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Child Abuse – The sounds of silence

I am your child. 

Any child’s life is a blank paper. It’s up to us to make his/her life as a beautiful art or as a scribbled scrap. Child abuse casts a shadow the length of lifetime for the child. To abuse the children mentally, physically, sexually or by any other means will make their future a big question mark.

Approximately 20% of women and 5–10% of men report being sexually abused as children, while 25–50% of all children report being physically abused. The lifelong consequences of child maltreatment include impaired physical and mental health, poorer school performance, and job and relationship difficulties. Ultimately, child maltreatment can contribute to slowing a country’s economic and social development.

To reap joy from the little one’s pain many burry their dreams. As they there won’t be anything as evergreen memories. Let us not make their lives as skeleton.

We,(Brandlovevideos) raise our voice against CHILD ABUSE with our client Kelly’s video. We as a multimedia technocrats have imbibed the need for ANTI-ABUSING.

It time for us to replace ‘vulnerability’ with ‘oppression’ and ‘protection’with‘empowerment’.

Even the visualization of our video does not include the signs of child abuse. We have revealed that all the children in this world deserves freedom, self-respect and to be as a CHILD always. Its war time to take measures to bring down the graph to zero. We are happy to be a part making changes happen for happiness.




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