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Chilla – Personal Safety App that Detects A Scream

Hi Rodinhooders , 

I am Kishlay, a final year engineering student. I have developed this app called “Chilla” that can detect a scream even if the phone is in pocket, bag or even at some reasonable distance.

I  began working on this project around 7 months ago to find a practical solution to people in distress. I found many applications listed in the top ten personal safety applications but none of those could provide real solutions . Majority of them were either based on location tracking or use of some button but no one wants to be tracked all the time 

A lot of times you are not able to really operate the phone or call or message a friend or relative when you’re in an emergency. It has been found that in cases where someone just follows a girl or eve-teases her, she generally doesn’t call out to parents or police and if they attack her, the app is of no use to her then. In that situation scream is a natural reaction and tapping that is the best possible way to bring her help. In case you are not able to scream, you can just silently press the power button 5 times so you do not need to even unlock your phone. 

Here is more about the working of the app :

The app can be triggered by:

1. A Scream

2. Pressing Power Button 5 times


After Trigger, it does the following:

1. Sends an SMS with location

2. Sends an Email with Audio Recording

3. Automatically places a call

(this app can automatically unlock the phone and place a call just by a scream) 

The link of app on playstore:

Ministry of Communication and IT has also published this app on their website.

The app also got a lot of applause from media:

IBN7 showcased this app on their Shabash India show

Online Coverage:

The Huffington Post

Startup Buzz


This is a free app and has been made with the sole purpose of helping others. Do support me in this initiative.

Please share your opinion about this concept and do suggest me if you have some better ideas.  

Twitter handle: @KishlayRAJindia


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  1. Fantastic. Wish you loads of luck.

  2. hey kishlay,

    i think this app is much needed. good luck!!

    today morning i read something interesting in ETtech – 

    btw, alok shared your post on his fb and there was this comment there – 

    Ananth Krishna great stuff. coincidentally, was reading the following piece onNPR (public radio/news, US) just this past week and they had this. thought i would share it here on this post as its related. maybe it gives you, Kishlay, new partners and avenues to purse for your concept. 

    And the nation’s top university installed a scream-detector in its female restrooms.…/violent-crimes-prompt-soul…

  3. Thanks Pritesh 

  4. Thanks alot Asha for the article

    and Anant for this important input

  5. Did you get love from the Google Play store for this?

  6. Not much , I have only 1700 downloads till now 🙁 

  7. Hi Kishlay,

    Great stuff and much needed, I was going through the details and have some questions for you:

    • Will the app be able to identify scream in lt of background noise as well?
    • You mentioned “Phone should be in reasonable limit”, how much is that?
    • Will it get activated if lets say someone who has the app and is partying with friends and screaming for fun? I mean silly but will it be able to identify when to get activated when not?

    How are you marketing this? I just shared it on my LinkedIn.

    You need to share at women relevant portals for sure and also on LinkedIn as many working women travel at odd hours.

    Good luck!!

  8. Thanks Shalini,

    1. The scream detection is based on pitch of voice (frequency dependent ) so it doesn’t matter if the there is loud background noise .  The only things which have frequency  comparable to a girls scream are traffic horn sounds and I have made it immune to horns so it wont respond to that .

     2. Since its frequency based  so the scream can be detected wherever it can be heard by human ear . (loudness decreases with distance but frequency does not ) 

    3. In case you are partying and you scream for fun then YES it may get activated …. but remember it sends a audio recording as mail so your guardian and it has a toggle button on main screen so you can turn it on/off whenever you want .

    The best practice is to keep it on whenever you are travelling alone / when you are feeling unsafe.

    I am trying my best to reach out to more and more people as just making this is not enough , I must bring it to people who need this ,

    I am also  searching for someone  to help me with marketing 🙂

  9. Hi Kishlay,

    Your app sounds interesting. Have you tried SHEROES, Women’s Web, She the people and other such women centric online platforms for advertising? You will get the right attention there. I will see if I can share it on our twitter feeds one of the days since our TG and yours is the same.

    One thing that came to mind was – Will someone who is in a panic situation remember to press the button exactly 5 times?

  10. hello Gunjan , 

    thanks for your advice 

    and its not necessary to press power button exactly 5 times . You just have to make sure that you press it more than 5 times .

    I have kept the minimum five because I found the people were activating it by mistake if it was less than 5 and then were getting irritated .Moreover , when you can press it 3 times , it doesnt take much effort to do 2 more.

  11. Congrats Kishlay

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