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(Comic) Death Defying Act


Death-defying feats of bravery, object manipulation, dangerous beasts and stunt-oriented artistry – these are sights you traditionally would see at the circus.

Unless, of course you are an entrepreneur. As a new founder, you face these feats daily, often diving headfirst. Some of the stunts that you may find yourself getting into:

  1. Jumping through fire for a client – As deadlines and demands come your way, you will go through dangerous hoops for those initial first customers and clients. However, this initial push will help build your business for the long term.
  2. Walking a tightrope for a work-life balance – This is an eternal struggle with entrepreneurs as there is a fine line with your personal life. Remember that this balance is essential for long term success.
  3. Swallowing your pride when compromising with an investor – Sometime you need funding, but the negotiation dance can be brutal. Take a deep breath and swallow your pride and make sure you do what is best for the future for your company.
  4. Juggling priorities – You’ll have cofounders, projects, leads, employees, funders, among other things things that you’ll have to keep in the air. Delegate as much as you can so you can focus.
  5. Passing on the legacy – As you swing on the trapeze and you grow your business, plan for passing on your assets and legacy with a long-withstanding company.

What are some of the circus stunts you have been involved in as a founder? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. bang on as usual kriti!
    the juggling priorities part resonates so much!
    i think entrepreneurs have to keep swallowing their pride from time to time, not just with investors, but also with potential clients, etc etc
    i admire people who successfully walk the tightrope – that’s my biggest #entrepreneurfail as you say 🙂
    i would also like to add another one – we just jump into things and chew more than we can handle because we let passion take over many many times. so being over enthusiastic is not always good for health 🙂

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