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ConXn Construction Intelligence

Hello Fellow Rodinhoods! Hope you’re doing great. Thank you Mr. Alok Kejriwal for enabling this ‘Living wikipedia for entrepreneurs’ I am very excited to be a part of this community & hoping to meet & learn from fellow entrepreneurs!

About me – I am a Civil Engineer with a PG in Architecture & Project Management & have close to 14 years of project management experience both in US & India. During the last couple of years I have been involved in creation of, an intelligence platform for building construction industry in India.

About ConXn Construction Intelligence – In simple terms – In these days when one can get in-depth analysis of options for a 5000 rupees phone (Flipkart, Amazon) or even a 200 rupees meal (Zomato), construction professionals continue to make major decisions (worth crores) regarding selection of Consultants, Contractors, Construction Products/Systems such as Waterproofing, Building Facades, etc without access to data. The aim of this platform is to address the transparency gap & the fragmented nature of industry by providing best in class information on Projects, Companies & Products.

Our platform has been under development since 2015 (mostly under stealth); we have made it live ( since last 6 months & have signed up major Clients – Construction Companies, Product Manufacturers, Consulting Companies, etc who are using this platform for finding project opportunities & vendor options for their projects.

It has been an incredibly challenging journey so far but we have enjoyed the ride & survived to tell the tale. I will keep sharing my experiences (learnings & opportunities) as we go ahead. Thanks!


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