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Curious Cobo: activity boxes for kids.

Hello Everyone,

I recently joined the rodinhoods after a friend recommended it to me.I have found the discussions here very relevant for any entrepreneur.

Through this Showcase post i want to introduce our venture Curious Cobo.


It’s an activity box company for kids under two age groups 3-5 & 5-8 years.We have two product categories

(A) Learning games for kids which require no subscription and are a one time purchase.

(B) Subscription activity boxes which are based on a subscription model of 3 and 6 months.Each subscription box has material for 4-5 play based learning activities and is delivered every month at your door step.

Why ?

We felt there is a need to engage kids beyond TV and smart phones and parents today find it really hard to engage kids productively away from gadgets.Also we wanted to create something where kids can also learn while playing,hence the concept of curious cobo.

Who creates these?

We are a team of dedicated 5 members.I take care of the operations and logistics,My co founder takes care of the activity box themes and concepts and rest 3 of us are product and graphic designers.

Where ?

We are based out of Jaipur and we deliver all over India through our courier partner Delhivery.

Since when?

We have been in business for 8 months now and only 15 days back we revamped our website and introduced the new age category.

How to order?

Just log on the website,select the child’s age, select if you would want a learning game or a subscription box and you are good to go.


We plan to launch science based boxes for 8-10 year olds by November.


1) Please have a look at the website, we really want inputs to make it more user please help us there.

2) As parents do you like the concept of a box loaded with fun filled activities coming to your door step every month.If yes why, if no why not. Please give us your thoughts on that.

3) We have noticed a very strange thing, 95% of our orders are Cash on delivery, which at times leads to returns and hence unnecessary wastage of money. Any suggestions on how that can be changed.

4) Would love it if someone can give us inputs on pricing. Do you find it pocket friendly or not ?


Prateek Jain



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  1. hey prateek,

    i just went to your site and noticed you have an interesting video on it? why don’t you embed the video on your post?

    also pls add your twitter handle at the end. 

    subscription boxes for activities has always been on every parent’s wishlist. i shall go through your site and pricing and share some more feedback with you.

  2. Hey Asha,

    Thank you for taking out time and replying to my post.I had tried to embed the video but dont know why only the link was being shown and not the video window in the post i decided to remove it altogether.

    sure ill add the twitter handle immediately.Sure,would really appreciate the feedback 🙂


  3. I very much liked the idea and concept..  This is the market need.. Parents always looking out for exclusive product for their child… Stop CoD or offer trial product before confirming subscription with advance payment… Your pricing seems to below average… Depending upon the product quality, possibility to enhance the price by 10 to 20 percent… All the best!

    Bipin Kulkarni

  4. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for taking out time and giving us a useful feedback.I agree with the Cash on delivery point,but it seems india runs on COD :-),i think rather than removing it as an option ,we will offer discount code if some one pays by card or internet banking.

    Thanks again for your feedback.



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