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Custom tailoring business – How to!

Hello everyone,

My name is Shweta and I am looking to start a custom tailoring business. I have an MBA and am currently employed as a sales professional. I have a fairly clear business plan to begin with. I am faced with one particular (and big) concern that I’m not able to overcome. While I am qualified in fashion design and am capable of managing the business side of my venture, I am not sure how to find the technical resource / talent – in other words tailors, to actually deliver the product. I would really appreciate some advice on where to start. Any other advice on other aspects of the business are also welcome!

 thank you!


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  1. Hi Shweta, We run a company called 108 Bespoke. We are into customised clothing too.

    You can try online job portals to find tailors but they are not very active breed online yet. Its usually helpful if you get connected to one good tailor, even though she/he is hired. They usually would help you find other tailors looking out for jobs. Its more like a community closely knit to each other. 

    You can also email me on and I would be happy to help. Good Luck!


    Bharath Jain
    108 Bespoke

  2. Hi Shweta,

    We are into Fashion Jute Hand Bags Manufacturing and Exports, we also deal with customized clothing business too. I can share few tips from my experience

    1) start business with in city. if it is home, that’s fine.. when you cut down expenses you can see some profit

    2) take cloth samples to different tailors, and check out how they are responding, how they are stitching, this helps you to understand local tailors mentality. 

    3) select few tailors and discuss with them your idea, like how you are planning to do, when are you starting and finally how much you can pay them.  office timings etc etc

    4) like bharath suggested, if one tailor starts working with you, he can bring his other tailor friends depending up on the work.

    my main suggestion is that before starting any thing, try to get in touch with max tailors, see how they will respond, how they will stitch, because at the end, its the tailor who produces the product. 

    Thanks & Regards

    Sai Pothuri.

  3. Hi Bharath,

    thanks for the advice. I was thinking of doing the same but it seemed too simple to be right! 🙂

    I have a few more queries, if you don’t mind..

    – I am at inception stage right now and was thinking of trying out a few outfits for myself first to test the quality of the tailors. Once I zero in on 1 or 2 quality tailors, I was wondering if I should go ahead and hire them on a monthly salary or work on a pay-by-project basis. It might give me lesser control but would help control costs, i feel. I will also not be in a position to give them dedicated workshop right away. What’s your experience?

    – Also, I have basic tailoring knowledge that I studied for,more than 15 yrs back. I am planning to upgrade my skill and bring it up to date so I can support my customers better and retain quality control. How important do you think it is to have hands-on technical knowledge?

    – Do you have any tips or caveats on how much fabric inventory to invest in and where to source from?

  4. Thanks Sai, spot on!

    Do you suggest I hire full time tailors or take work to them on a project basis till I have scaled up enough to afford the salary? Since I will be working from home to begin with, I will not be able to provide workshop space to them.


  5. Hi Shwetha

    I Suggest to take work to tailors on a project basis till you scale up. In our business also we first started with the same process. visit different tailors, test them. finalize one tailor, finalize a time schedule. visit his place with raw material, sit with him, and take final product back to home. 

    Thanks & Regards

    Sai Pothuri

  6. Hi Shweta,

    I have been planning to start a venture something really similar which you are thinking of. I am IT professional, but also working on to start the portal. I had posted earlier on the Rodinhoods where in I was looking for someone fashion domain to collaborate with. The person could be partner/consultant/ or whatever best possible way to collaborate.

    Presently I am little further then the ideation phase, I have a team of people handling different domains such as marketing, finance, design etc. We are currently planning marketing and branding strategy.

    We could connect to share each other’s knowledge and experience and help each other best possible way.



  7. Hi Sai,

    I am working as business consultant with an apparel firm. I am trying to help them in exporting their products. Request you to pls share your contact details and seek advice and insights on exporting products.


    Varun Miglani 


  8. Hi Shweta,

    You may seek help from placement consultant specializing in Apparel and Fashion

    Moreover, training institutes have skilled workforce eager to get work. 



  9. Hi Varun

    Google Talk ID : saipothuri

    Lets talk

    Thanks & Regards

    Sai Pothuri

  10. Good idea! Thanks, Varun.

  11. Hi Gaurav,

    can we connect via email or phone? Please accept my rodinhood invite so we can communicate one-to-one.


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