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I have been always scared of doing a lot of things in my life, right since childhood. I was scared of making friends at school, was scared of speaking English, was scared of appearing for my exams that I might fail. I’ve been afraid of doing everything in my life. You will not believe that I was even afraid of writing this article that people might laugh on me after reading it. What the heck! 😛

The reason why I’m posting this is because we live in a world full of fears. Believe it or not but even you could co-relate yourself with some situations.

Here are some situations which changed my life and helped me overcome my fears.

1) Fear of speaking: I was always afraid of speaking to anyone. One day my dad asked me to travel alone from Andheri to Churchgate and travel back home and handed me 50 Rs note. He wanted me to pick up a form for something. This was when I was in 7th grade. I was shit scared, I must have called my dad on his office number about 10 times..”bus pakdun ki rickshaw?”, “how much will they charge?”, “kaunsi train pakdun?”, “which platform?”…my dad got annoyed, he literally shouted at me and told me “kisi bhi aadmi ko poochega toh woh tereko khaa jayega kya?”..just ask someone man!…figure your way out. I somehow managed to do the job and since then i’ve never been afraid of speaking/asking about anything ever.

Since that day I spoke so much that today I can speak 7 different Indian languages and 1 foreign language. And now I approach random people and can talk random shit for hours.

Lesson learnt: Talking to different people makes you learn a lot.

I still appreciate my dad for pushing me to do that.

As I grew older I had a new fears entering my life.

2) Fear of selling: After my graduation I had to find myself a job as I had no clue what i’m supposed to do with my life. I got on to Monster, Naukri and multiple other job portals and saw maximum openings for sales.

Sales is something which is always target oriented, you achieve you survive. And people always scared me about the tremendous pressure a sales guy has to face. So i decided no sales. 1st 3 years of my work life I managed to get myself a desk job and found it not so interesting and was always fascinated by the fact that sales guys make a lot of money. 

Everyone wants to make more money, right? So, during my tenure at Media2win I went to Namrata Balwani the COO and KK (Krishna Kumar), CEO asking if I can try doing Business Development. They said, are you really up for it? And then I asked can I give it a shot? Meaning I will keep doing what I do i.e. managing digital campaigns and also do BD. They said alright! and appreciated the fact that I was courageous enough to take up something challenging like BD.

So I started cold calling random brands managers, checking outdoor advertisements, newspaper ads and then one day managed to fix a meeting. I had no laptop or a presentation to show, no clue what to speak and was not dressed formally. All I did was talk, managed to crack a small deal.

It is then I understood that selling is nothing but throwing logic at people, and at the end of the day logic is the only thing which sells. Being an executer I knew more then a sales guy.

I always have this habit of discussing both my success and failures with my dad. So I went back home and told him about the 1st sales deal I closed, which i was very proud of. He told me that the whole world thrives on commerce, and commerce is nothing but people buying stuff from each other. Sales is the way of life, if you read history currency originated due to the need of people buying things for a value and that value was later calculated in form of a currency.

Lesson learnt: Selling is the way of life, if you can’t sell anything you cannot survive. Even in a job interview you have to sell yourself to the company, otherwise they won’t buy you.

Till today I appreciate the fact that Namrata and KK gave me a chance to learn BD at Media2win and let me learn the art of selling.

And then after doing a couple of more jobs I wanted to start-up but was scared.

3) Fear of Starting-up: Since childhood I have been taught by my parents “Beta! bada hoke accha job pakadna” and live a happy life. Well I did a lot of jobs and wanted to do something different. I often used to question myself “till when will I depend on a company?” I wanted to be independent and depend on myself for a change.

I was always worried about this challenge of starting-up it took me 1 year to come to my senses and figure it out. So I took a calculated risk, I started working for a start-up web portal called ticketplease and along with it started a service company Farasbee

The reason why I did that was, because I wanted to train myself in starting up and was too afraid about not making any money. But I was wrong I could have learnt it just by concentrating on one thing and still made money, in-fact more money.

ticketplease went on becoming a disaster as the private investor pulled out the plug, and I moved on from the political grounds to finally concentrated on my own start-up i.e. Farasbee

Since then we have been able to make some crazy products and deliver good services for our clients and yes we do make some money to survive 😛 and we are bootstrapped.

Diabeto is one of our products which is a bluetooth powered hardware device which enables the transfer of glucose reading from your glucometer to a Mobile app. Its a Diabetes management product. We also got a small funding from the government Chile, as a part of the Start-up Chile program.

Sometimes I think how in the world did we ever come up with this idea. But we made it.

Lesson learnt: Starting-up is not difficult, if you you have the fear of not making money and still have a dream of making it big. There is a contradiction in your thought process you might wanna cross check your confidence levels again.

After doing all this with my life so far, I still live with fears. Which is why I have concluded that our life is a scary dream and only if you overcome your fears you will be able to survive.

Life constitutes experiences. It’s made up of you as the experiencing subject and the world which is the object that you experience. The union of both makes life. Its you who can make every experience good or bad. If you learn the art of making every experience good you will be in peace.


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  1. this is my OMG moment of the day!

    hemanshu…. thank you for reminding me of my fear of travelling on a train by myself for the first time. i remember asking my dad which window should i buy the ticket from and he said, “just go there and figure it out!”

    i loved each bit, each word, each fear described here. and i know for a fact every rodinhooder will relate to this post!

    your startup fears are salute-worthy. 

    hemanshu – now you have one fear less to deal with – the fear of writing an article here. it totally rocks. i predict you will be sending in your address details to me next month….!

    here’s to fears!

  2. Wonder Full Hemanshu!!

    We all have Self Made Fears and my own calculation says 95% of the worries do not exist in real, Just in our Mind!!

    Very inspiring Blog and Loved the Support your father gave you……… Some times this “Pat on the Back” gives us enough energy and Motivation to go that extra mile.

    When the Fear Comes Near, And your Goal is Clear, Then Tear the Fear and it will automatically Disappear! (Bad Try at Rhyming, But hope the Message reaches through)

  3. Thank you for liking my post. Yes, i will share more articles in future 🙂

  4. I completely agree Gurpreet!

    BTW nice poem on fears 🙂

  5. Very inspiring.  Especially intrigued by your product.  Would love to hear your experiences in fabricating the product.

  6. very well written Himanshu,

    Still have fear of writing such article.

  7. Thanks Mahesh. We used a 3D printer to make the outer-casing of our prototype. But for the final product we’ll be making a mould to mass manufacture the casings.

    Planning to come down to visit the 2win office, maybe we can catch up and discuss about it. 

  8. Nope 😛 i’ll try and cultivate this as a habit 🙂

  9. Awesome post Himanshu!!!

    I can relate myself with the Article word by word… since childhood i have long list of fears 🙁

    Trying hard to Tear the Fear one by one… as well said by Gurpreet 🙂

  10. Thanks Rupesh 🙂

  11. Awesome post. The fear of travelling, talking is still there and I am trying hard to conquer it. But this one comes as a relief as I can relate to it totallY! Hats off for sharing it with us. 

  12. I’m sure you will overcome it. Just cultivate it as a habit

  13. Beautifully written Hemanshu… World is full of knowledge and learnings, we need to just catch them by overcoming self made fears

  14. 🙂

  15. Great post, Hemanshu! And very happy that you are doing so well. Thanks for mentioning media2win, glad that we contributed to your career 🙂

  16. I think we both conquer the fear of writing on the same day….:)

    We all have different kinds of fear but we need to conquer them one by one…..and as you said if you can’t overcome your fear you cannot survive, i want to add, you cant even enjoy your life if you live in fear….

    Great see some more stories and thoughts…

  17. Fear is Good!

  18. Hemanshu you rightly pointed the fears we carry on until some near & dear one gives us the responsibility (actually it’s an opportunity) given to us to overcome these fears…I never recognized this but your post really make me connect the Dots..

    I learned the same way but couldn’t ever consciously recognize is my one more fear I just explain instead of asking but therodinhoods & Alok Kejriwal & Akancha has inspired me to write and ask for that what you want to learn from the people around and univers comes with suggestions & answers

    keep writing Hemanshu … u wouldn’t do favour to just yourself but also many of us by doing so…

  19. Hi Hemanshu,

    This was a brilliant post and indeed I could relate to many of your points. I grew up with a stammering problem, so for me speaking was a frightful experience, full stop. As a part of helping myself, I would literally walk up to strangers on the street and force myself to start conversations. Also, as you say we need to be able to sell, whether it’s a product, idea or just ourselves. As the old saying goes, we might as well sell ourselves, as no one else will. I loved the point you made about starting up. Every so often that fear of not making enough money creeps up. As soon as it does, I go back to activities which are helping to realise my vision and everything falls back into place again.

    Thank you.

  20. Nice post Hemanshu, really impressed by the design of farasbee website, looks good. Also would love to know more about Diabeto. Lets catch up when you visit 2win office, I sit next to Mahesh. btw which Start-Up Chile batch? I was in 2.1 with my last startup. 

  21. Gr8 Post himanshu,Thanx for sharing it,

    have experianced all and still trying get over with few..Your post boosted my confidence..

  22. So Inspiring, thank you. I wish I can throw away all my fears. The worst part is, they grow stronger if we let them to stay..

  23. Really good article to read….i guess everyone can relate it to their life. Overcoming fear is a very big achievement in once life and is self motivating also…

  24. The work teaches you how to do work with perfection,so don’t fear about the work and its result just make your mind to think about your goal and by only taking the work in your hand you will know how to do it,how it can be done with perfection and how to finish it.

  25. Oh paji tussi great ho.!

    When the Fear Comes Near, And your Goal is Clear, Then Tear the Fear and it will automatically Disappear!”

    “Chak de fatte” :- The punjabi lingo for what mountain due calls ” Darr ke aage jeet hai”.

    Inspiring read and inspiring words of wisdom in the comments as well.!!!

  26. Thanks Pawan!

  27. congrats hemanshu….!!!

    pls check the top of your post :))))))

  28. Hi Hemanshu, You have written a very inspiring facts with us. I can really feel that fear in my belly even now.

    I want to be an entrepreneur and there is a fear of which idea, regular income,  startup money, etc etc…

    Please keep sharing more inspirational story and all the best for your future.

  29. Superb!,

    Very rightly put ” Darr ke aage jeet hai”.

    really loved the way you have expressed your experience.

    All of us lives in some or other kind of fear without having trying to overcome the same.

    Must say that its an inspiring article

  30. Great article..

  31. Great Article… A lot to be learned from this article and specially “Lesson Learnt”……….Thnx Hemanshu

  32. Awesome!!!

  33. Very Inspiring Hemanshu, We all have to take some risks in life to succeed.


  34. Awesome Hemanshu!

    Fear is not good for Startup but there is no startup without fear ! 😉

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