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Deal Alert – Fund this Baby for Superfast Internet Connections

This more of a repost than an actual post but I thought all you digital entreprenuers at Rodinhoods will love this deal.  

Connectify Dispatch is a Kickstarter (crowd funded) project that is creating software that combines multiple internet signals into one BIG ASS BANDWIDTH PIPE!!!! :)))

Sorry, couldn’t help that.  :))

It can hook up your wireline connections and your wireless 3G into a single data pipe.  

There are multiple levels at which you can fund the project and each has its rewards.  Check it all out here:

In real world tests they were able to hook up 7 USB 3G Wi-fi Cards, 1 4G Tethered Smartphone, USB 3G Modem, and a landline Ethernet connection.  With that rig they were able to get 65Mbps download speeds indoors and 85Mbps on the roof!

See here: 🙂

And oh I am not related to Connectify in any way.  Just found it supercool. 🙂 


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