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Is Digital Marketing A Bad Career?

The negativity towards a sales and marketing guy will never change. Customers, never ever believed a word coming out these people as they clearly knew their intentions of selling.

Remember those days, when a sales guy enters your house & tries to sell a product to you and how you use to ignore them? [Urgh. We ignore them like anything]

Thanks to digital platforms, those sticky sales & marketing tactics are far gone now!

Today a marketer and salesman can breathe a sigh of relief after the digital revolution.

Before heading,

Let’s first see how we as customers have changed after the implementation of the digital era.

10-15 years back, companies were focusing on building innovative products and giving very less attention to the marketing department. Today after the implementation of digital platforms these same companies are focusing more on marketing strategies and paying less attention in building products.


Digital Platforms has effectively changed our behavior, creating a revolution of sorts that gives us the power of changing trends. It gives us more control over what we buy and how we buy.

Companies started to realize this fact after seeing the growth of the internet. Internet today has 51.7% of world’s total population.

Today, an average person spend 1-2 hrs on television and 5-6 hrs on the internet.

60% of our buying decision comes from the internet.

Digital Marketing gives the power to engage customers on the internet.

Many top-level management has agreed to the fact that they don’t need million dollar investment to reach and generate potential customers. On internet, a simple sentence or a tagline is enough to influence audience for the product.

Some examples of brands using the full use of internet for brand awareness.

  1. Durex, teaching us who’s the daddy?


2. Zomato. Couples always fight over what to eat for dinner?


3. Manyavar, getting us ready for the wedding season with their outstanding Video Ad promotion.

In less than two weeks, the video has received 5 million+ views and love from all over the country.


There are many such examples of our favorite brands using digital platforms and taking their marketing campaign into some other level.

Digital marketing was always beneficial for companies and businesses because:

1. It is more cost-effective marketing than traditional/offline marketing.

2. It delivers conversions.

3. Helps in generating better revenues.

4. It facilitates interaction with targeted audiences.

5. Builds brand reputation.

6. Better ROI for your marketing investments.

7. Earns people’s trust with quality content.

8. Entices people to take favorable action online or offline.

9. Ensures business survival online.

10. It makes you ready for IOT “Internet Of things”.

And the list goes on & on…

Hope I managed to deliver what you were looking for.

Now it’s your turn to decide whether having a career in digital marketing is good or bad.


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