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Digital Marketing for Startups & Entrepreneurs

I Have Created this PowerPoint For Entrepreneurs to Explain Them How to Leverage Digital Marketing Platforms for Startup Effectively.

How to Create Good & Custom Content for Blogging?

How to Increase Engagement & Followers?

How to Measure Success of Digital Marketing Campaign?

How to Identify Target Audience on Digital Platforms?


Click Here to Download & Save this Presentation.

Kindly share your feedback or mention me at @AmitHPanchal on Twitter


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  1. hey amit, 

    some very neat insights you’ve shared.

    i really liked SEO don’ts & best practices for SM

    looking fwd to more gems from your basket!

  2. Hey Amit,

    Liked your article.. especially the way you help startups on twitter.. you gotta become an influencer with us at!

  3. Thanks Ishani,
    As of now i already working with the Blogmint as Brand Ambassador so not able to join or promote

    Yes, you can contact me anytime if you need any help/support from my side.

  4. Thanks for your valuable reply.

    Next post will coming soon. 🙂

  5. Amit, good overview. I have a problem with slide 11 though.

    – Directory submissions only to relevant industry directories that are actually maintained by a human.
    – social bookmarking and article submission are dead
    – free press releases are a waste of time
    – classifieds are okay I guess but should be relevant like directories
    – document and image sharing is okay but should be woven in other content syndication tactics. Standalone, it’s not going to help.

    Otherwise looks good.

  6. Abey,

    Thanks for feedback.

    Check 17th slide of this ppt:

    Let me know still if you have any query.

  7. What would you advise for How can we become better? Please help?

  8. Please send me your email address. I will send you suggestions for the same.

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