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Drive safely

Jai hind rodinhooders,

   We brandlovevideos created an awareness video for independence day and now we looking for your feedback.

To know more visit us : brandlovevideos


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  1. hi hariharan,

    i think your team is very talented – i love the technique and execution.

    but let me be brutally honest – it doesn’t convey DRIVE SAFELY.

    a good film needs to convey the message visually. without any words. when i watch this film – it’s pleasing to the eye, etc. it looks like a film to celebrate independence. but drive safely is not what it says. you might want to have a re-look at what you are conveying.

    if your client was paying you for a film on road safety and to drive safely – he would definitely have an issue.

  2. also, written text in the beginning isn’t readable – you need to give it a bit more time before spinning it around.

  3. We are not saying about road safety we asking people to keep driving the Indian wheel safely. It’s just not a wheel. I request you see the video again at last wheel facing bottles and harassment against women and at last we ended up with viewers so they have to drive safely the nation wheel

  4. Any way everyone have different perspectives so we hope most of you know why we titled drive safely. Jaihind

  5. Hi Hariharan,

    I like the Concept, Animation & Strong Message for everyone.

    We invite you to send your entries for  Animday Awards 2014.

    Here is the link –

  6. Thanks for the review will to improve in future videos

  7. well then your heading of the video & post needs a re-think.

    ps: i watched the video twice. i studied at FTII and have worked in a film production house overseas. i understand film 🙂 

    you just need to get your description and creative rationale correct. pls use better words. it’s a nice film. 

    imho ‘Drive Safely’ is misleading…

  8. Hi Mukesh,
    Thanks for the invitation Will entry shortly

  9. Yes will do it from our next video for sure. Thank you

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