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E for Everything!

E for Entrepreneur

I’m a mompreneur apart from everything else I do. My 5 year old uses the E-word (Entrepreneur) very often. When she hears it on TV she will yell,“Mamma, this guy just said your favourite word ENTREPRENEUR!” She thinks I have some sort of copyright on the word!!

Most people presume I sit at Alok’s office in Mumbai. Fact is, I work from home … in Goa! I constantly interact with all of you amazing folks online only; I consider myself blessed that I’m the first person to read your stories; most times I know the ‘story behind the story’; lots and lots of Rodinhooders send me emails every single day to share their triumphs, new developments, ideas, confusions, fears, or sometimes just to say Hey!

The best part is whenever I travel, whichever city I visit, I manage to catch up with some Rodinhooders!

Y’day, in Delhi (my husband is a dilliwala, so we make a couple of trips to the city) some of us broke pizza together! We had a blast. We didn’t talk shop. We didn’t talk startup. We didn’t talk pain points. We didn’t talk struggle. We talked therodinhoods… and the magical things that happen to all of us owing to it!

jab we met over pizza and pyaar! L-R: akshay, soumya,gurleen, kaanchan, anamika, asha & aarini, gurpreet, mohul, tarun.

E for Earnest

I met Anamika & Tarun of nailbites (a boutique ad agency) for the first time (though they’ve attended the Oct.’12 Open House that I attended as well). We’re constantly in touch online. But had never met! It didn’t seem that way at all. I happened to ask Anamika if she had any Rodinhooder clients! She surprised me… (to be cont’d…)

Anamika is a regular writer on trhs. She writes straight-from-the-heart. And posts unpredictably pleasing content.

E for Experimenting

Tarun, I suspect, is a guy of few words but wears many a hat. He also happens to be a gifted photographer. Both Anamika & Tarun are earnest in their approach to life. They are constant learners, encourage others, believe in team work, and try to do experience new things (Jaipur Lit fest, GoaFest). They will go places. 

E for Enterprising

I met Soumya Jain for the first time as well. My gosh… she looks like a college kid! She’s petite. She appears to be shy. But she’s been a successful entrepreneur for 3 years now! She’s even been a Rodinhooder for a very long time, but only recently shared her story about LuxuryFacts with us. It totally blew us all away!!! I have huge respect for youngsters who have decided not to follow the herd.

E for Explorer

Akshay Backpacker Chhugani is someone I’m extremely fond of! He is a pioneer in backpacking in India. Heck, he’s SYNONYMOUS to BACKPACKING in India. And yet, he’s the humblest dude you’ll ever come across. He is one entrepreneur to watch and learn from!

I introduced the 5 year old to ‘Akshay the Backpacker’. Eyes wide open she said, “Just like Dora the Explorer…?! WOW!”

I’ve met him once before for exactly 3 mins! But we’ve been in constant touch. For the simple reason, we share our love for TRAVEL… Y’day Akshay mentioned two things that made me beam!

– Whenever the word entrepreneur is mentioned he tells the whole world about trhs!!

– Apparently a lot of his friends keep telling him Indian Backpacker’s fb updates should be like indiadecoded’s fb page! [indiadecoded happens to be my passion venture]

E for Enthusiastic

[Gurrr and Gurrrr]

I don’t think Gurpreet needs an introduction. He is a very active Rodinhooder. Ever helpful. Ever smiling. Ever willing to go the extra mile to make someone’s life better. He is instrumental in keeping the Rodinhooders of Delhi active. He has a photographic memory. He remembers every post on trhs. Every status update on social media. Every comment. Every photograph. He is a man of many talents. But is remembered for being ever so warm & entertaining.

Gurleen is mysterious and full of pleasant surprises! If you want to discuss finance with her, you better be prepared. Check this out, if you don’t believe me!

E for Evolving

I’d never met Mohul before. I’ve interacted with him a number of times as he is an occasional contributor on trhs and an active member as well. He’s intense. He shares ideas. He’s one helluva writer! He openly admires Alok. Even says he feels the urge to get recharged at Open Houses (which he wished would be more frequent)! He wants to do a lot of things in life. And I can see he’s getting there…

E for Exchange

I met Kaanchan Bugga last October. We actually have another connection. Her hubby and my hubby used to work at the same ad agency nearly 2 decades ago. But trhs brought us together!

Kaanchan is the perfect person to exchange ideas with. Being from advertising, both of us seem to be in sync. We can quickly bounce ideas and share stuff with each other. Even though I’ve never really spent much quality time with her, our brief interaction always results into something constructive!

Kaanchan has always always volunteered to help us (especially me) on trhs. Just having her around as someone to consult itself is a huge support.

E for Editor

When therodinhoods started, the tag was something like “where enterprising people meet”. I wasn’t a startup person when I discovered trhs. I was just Alok’s friend who used to give him feedback on his writings. But the first time he spoke to me over the phone, he said something that left a huge impression on my mind. He said, “You know Asha, what I love most about this community is that it’s GENUINE.”

For some reason, that one word stayed with me.  GENUINE. There was this ring of sincerity in his voice. If you’ve spoken to him, you’ll know what I mean.

I ultimately became a Rodinhooder when I agreed to become Alok’s editor. I thought I was teaming up with one close friend. Little did I know I was teaming up to discover thousands of new close friends!

And this GENUINE is what keeps me going every single day. I discover and befriend at least one new enterprising Rodinhooder every day. Alok and I firmly believe that trhs needs to be like TEDx. Where everything is about the members. Founders and managers don’t really matter. I mean, look at us – we don’t beg, borrow or steal content. We create our own content! What we say matters. We are relevant. We’re a super fast-growing community, evolving every day. Yeah, we’ve got a really good thing going…


The Rodinhooders of Delhi organise structured meetups (which are announced on trhs) once in 2 months or so. I applaud their effort. No matter which city you live in, I think it’s really important to keep meeting each other over coffee, over conversation, over any excuse. Because I believe sharing ideas, thoughts, doubts with like-minded people is the most constructive way of building on an idea. You never know how the briefest interaction can sometimes add immense value to your original thought. And spark off a fire!

At night as I tucked the 5 year old in bed, I asked what she liked most about the day. “The cube circus performance (in Gurgaon) was awesome mamma. But I really liked winning that dessert for all of us today! You have cool friends mamma. E for Entrepreneur. R for Rodinhooder. Right mamma…?!”


p.s: I will continue to informally catch up with my Rodinhooders in any city I happen to visit. And that’s a promise. Beware… I’m horrible with a capital H. I hug. I laugh loudly (and a lot). I talk nonstop. I’m obsessed with good food. And my 5 year old asks a lot of questions! 

pps: feel free to share your jab we met stories. if we have lots, we’ll start a section!!

here’s one from rahil…

photo credits: tarun & gurpreet


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  1. WoW*1 Million Times!!

    This is so so beautifully put……..

    Even Alok Sir and you Don’t know…. How……….How many people are gaining from TRHS every single Second………. 

    Rodinhood has become a Way of Life for us……Akin to eating thrice a day!!

  2. you know something gurrr…. i’ve come to realise, you can’t take the rodinhood out of a rodinhooder. it becames a part of you. it defines you. and when you wear that tee…. gosh, you feel so so so rich! so proud to be in the company of such rockstars…

  3. Hi Asha,

    Thank you so much jotting down very nicely and its a very fantastic experience to “Connect the Dots”. Honestly speaking i have personally learnt so much from each one of you and though i am working in MNC with good paid salary, somehow you all attracting my mind towards entrepreneurship and other great initiatives. But somewhere down the line, i will definitely look forwards my entrepreneurship deeds and like to be one of you :).

    Thank you so much to all of you who carry the spirit of entrepreneurship and igniting other minds through this. I am really feeling proud to associate with all of you.

    I am really Blessed to know you all…



  4. Thanks Asha for this wonderful wrap-up on the Pizza Meet we had… It’s worth treasuring – you have penned down a mini-bio of us all – thanks for that.. it feels so good to actually know about self in the words of someone else…. All thanks to Gurpreet ji to just think of a lunch that turned into delightful hours of the day – worth savouring for a long time!

    Rodinhoods as Gurpreet ji said has become a part of our life. We could miss meeting our friends over chit-chat but never ever a rodinhood meet that sparks the best out of us all. If you are a rodinhooder, you have won half the battle as an Entrepreneur. I think that says a lot.

  5.  “If you are a rodinhooder, you have won half the battle as an Entrepreneur.” is a very quotable quote anamika…! 

  6. Asha Jee, it was indeed a pleasure meeting everyone….and the perfect start to a weekend :)))) Need to mention the smallest rodinhooder, Aarini is super cute and very sharp…all because of a Mompreneur like you guiding her…:))))

    Also,Very nicely put to wash away our Monday Blues!!!

    trhs has helped me grow by leaps and bounds that I only know. Can never thank enough…:))))

  7. 🙂

    looking fwd to your next surprise post gurleen… seriously! i never know what to expect from your basket of learnings…

  8. so nicely written asha, awaiting your visit to Mumbai and my visit to Goa :))

  9. super cool! Thanks for the post, Asha.. and thanks for the wonderful description of a guy named Mohul! Feels totally blessed on realizing that I am part of such an energetic and dynamic community.. Entrepreneurship is now synonym with Rodinhoods! The gift which your kiddo won us is symbolical of our karma.. do good, and good thing happens 🙂 #excited #happy 

  10. hahahahahah – glad you think so. i so love the word karma!  (was kinda worried ‘coz she seems to be pretty good with dice!!!)

  11. Asha – this post makes me miss breaking the pizza with you guys there. Dilliwale, beware – I’d take revenge by dropping in announced and then dragging everyone for another round of pizza and coffee 🙂

    Isn’t it an awesome feeling that every city you go to, you have a rodinhooder to connect with? Just the thought gives so much of comfort. Keep up the good work guys, I wish I could contribute as much, but some day for sure!

  12. shall look fwd to your dilli visit kanchan…! we’ll make you guest of honour 🙂 and we will share ALL OUR PAINPOINTS & FAILURES with you!!!!

  13. Like minded is a very commonly and casually used word. Rarely we get to gauge the depth of this word. At rodhinhoods I have felt this word and the feeling is really awesome.

  14. Awesome Recap Asha.. Lets do a Part-2 sometime in Mumbai..

    And my gosh, Aarini looks like an 80’s Prodigy, with that sepia effect thrown-in.. 🙂

  15. 🙂 


  16. ‘still waters run deep’ – bahut tolkar bolte ho, par bahut sahi bolte ho tarun… 

    that one description of the barge photo you clicked in goa said it all for me…!


    Seriously…. you are right…. it’s a great feeling that in every city we have a Rodinhooder to Connect too.

    I am in Mumbai this May for 4 days…. and have already recvd Stay and Lunch offfers from 7 dear Rodinhooders.

    Feels Awesome!

  18. thanks 🙂

  19. Gurpreet Bhai, when did you post the Link to Offer you Stay and Lunch??

    Did I miss it on Facebook??

    If its Offline, who is the Contact person to Register the Offer??

  20. Pure jealousy – is my feeling after reading this 🙂 I would have loved meeting all of you.

    The more I think about it… the more I am jealous of your daughter Asha 😉 she’s a lucky gal to be growing/sharing/learning amongst all the entrepreneurial energy 🙂 

    Keep rocking… 

  21. nithya,

    next time you plan to be in the country, pls give me a shout. i will connect you with fellow rodinhooders in whichever city you visit!

    and your toddler is gonna be no different, trust me!

  22. Asha, It’d be really great if you could do that… also, may I please know if its possible to connect all the NRI Rodinhooders; UK to start with 😉 ? Or have you already done this?

    I actually wish I had an opportunity to grow among such entrepreneurial energy 🙂 😀 

  23. nithya – what a great idea! why don’t you create a post in ASK?!

    there are lots of US based rodinhooders – can’t think of UK ones at the moment – but pls create a post – would be interesting to know our NRIs…!

    or should i say NRRs…?!

  24. ha ha.. sure thing will do Asha. NRRs sounds good 🙂 

  25. Lovely post Asha! Very nicely sums up the pizza meet. And thanks a lot for that little bio – really made my day. 🙂 Even though I was meeting everyone for the first time – except Akshay – it didnt feel as if I was unwelcome or anything. All of us fit right in! I can just imagine the circle of positive energy that would be created if each and every Rodinhooder came together! And little Aarini was a delight to be with. She is a smart, intelligent kid! 🙂 Looking forward to more such meet ups!

  26. E for Exceptional. What a great way to start the week. Please Please Please write more often. You have a flair for it…

  27. :))))))))))))))))))))))))

    sudarsan… pls check my comment on this post!

    i declare you the official nudger of the nudger!!! thank u. thank u. thank u. pls pls pls make a trip to goa. i still haven’t met YOU!!!!

  28. Asha, I guess you can create a new post about all those exceptional/not-so-exceptional experiences which you had (and having right now!)  while managing a 4000+ community of ‘daring’ entrepreneurs.. Who knows, maybe that post can be converted into a book.. maybe a  Booker is just right around the corner.. I would love to read that one!

  29. mohul… my pulse rate races when you say such things!!!!!

    one day at a time. i admit, there are quite a few books that need to be done. 

    apart from books related to alok’s content, i’m keen on doing trhs case studies… success stories of entrepreneurs who benefitted from trhs and were able to start up/gain business owing to some amount of help they got from the community.

    it’s just an idea, but something tells me we’ll be able to get quite a few stories soon… 🙂

  30. Amen! Anyways, I have found Goa as an ideal place to write a book.. just imagine sitting on a rock on Baga Beach and just writing your heart out.. I wish I can do that right away..

    None the less, Rodinhoods is certainly inspiring several success stories.. and it would be a magical journey.. You have got quite a task at hand 🙂

  31. Awesome!!!

    Accurate and Detailed to the “T”

    Definitely Embalming the Belief “If you Start with the E for Entrepreneur. Would definitely End up with R for a Rodinhooder” 🙂

  32. ha ha ha ha…… Vijay Bhai…
    Didnt post any offer……. But I am coming to Mumbai….from 6 to 13 may…….

    And will take me 2 more days to schedule my plans…… And usme sabse uppar hai…. aaapse Milna…..

    Get Ready Chorrunga nahi aaap Sabko 🙂

  33. Most Welcome hai Jee.. 🙂

  34. Don’t forget to Meet when You are in Mumbai Guru Jee 🙂

  35. Wow Asha ,I am in awe of your writing …flawless

    By just reading your post I felt like I was with you guys .

    But Now It should not happen that I am not called for such a meet up in Delhi…..feeling like I missed such an awesome experience…..Mai b dilli me hun yar abki mjhe bulana miss mt krna 😀

  36. hi pavan,

    this was just one of those spur of the moment pizza catch ups. pls connect with gurpreet/anamika here so that you will always be in loop for the structured Rodinhooders of Delhi Meetups. those are the important meets you should not miss!!

    i’ve been receiving a lot of msgs like yours – will keep in mind if we get a chance to catch up over coffee before i leave…!

  37. gosh pavan…. i just realised you are “the bloody shyness” guy!!!!!!! trust me, once you meet the other rodinhooders of delhi you will be a transformed dude! stay in touch!

  38. hahahahha  yes I am “the bloody shyness” guy 😀 


    Please msg me or call me whenever there is such a meetup in delhi ,I dont want to miss this fun 😛

    mob no.- 9711590868

  39. Hi Pavan

    First of all, congrats for your shyness blog. Totally enjoyed reading it as I could find a little ‘ME’ in those words.

    I have saved your number and would let you know whenever there’s a meet-up planned in Delhi.

    Keep RockinG!

  40. thnx Anamika 🙂

  41. I must say this…. thank you for your kind words Asha.. but really, the energy of all the Rodinhooders I meet and their positivity inspires me… they come in different sizes, different backgrounds… different skillsets but I see their eyes shining, their eagerness to help, to learn, to go ahead, to share, and especially their GENUINENESS…. that I am humbled and grateful to meet them and be motivated. Thank you guys for being there, all of you.. yes it was a great meet-up and such meetings are what help us know each other better…look forward to the next one!

  42. E for Energy. E for Eagerness…. we could go on and on and on.

    honest confession – i had saved E for Energy for alok. not just positive vibes, but the way he juices the day! that is one big thing i admire about him. always have. another post, maybe…. 🙂

    p.s: E for Encouragement applies to you as well kaanchan!!!

  43. humbled… touched… thank you

  44. Asha,

    Awesome update, but you are simply too modest.

    In your case, E simply does not stand for ‘Editor’. I think ‘Electrifying’ is more like it 🙂

    After all, you help power this amazing community here, which might not have been so engaged had it not been for your involvement.

    Since I couldn’t make it to the ‘pizza breaking ceremony’ in Dilli, I suggest we have another one, this time for us distant folks in faraway Gurgaon 🙂

    And we don’t even have to go to a restaurant for that. We can meet at our very own ‘Entrepreneur Cafe’ here : )

    What Say ?

    Gurgaon wallas, please start pestering here 😉

  45. ME…..Adha gurgaon Wala is in tooo 🙂

  46. those pix are the clencher abhik!

    yeah yeah – the “electrifying” melted me as well :()

    plus i have a huge soft corner for passion ventures….(save a cyclist)

    plus i love conversations over coffee….

    let me sort myself out – how can i not meet my gurgaonwale rodinhooders???!!!!!

  47. Hi Pavan jee……..

    Bhai.. Lets Connect on FB.

    We have never connected….. So missed informing you…….

    Best Wishes!

  48. Awesome 🙂

    Let me know whatever time works for you (except Sunday evening) and we will figure out something.

  49. hey bhawana thanks… either city is fine by me!!! 

  50. Abhik Bhai…. Loved the “Entrepreneur Cafe”
    You will have a Visitor Soon…:-)

  51. Every time I read a post like this I want to grab a flight and turn up at the next rodinhooder meet.  🙂  

    Entreprenuer Cafe…. hmmmm….. I guess I will just have to figure out how to entice everyone to Pondi… :)))

  52. Lo ji Gurpreet ji Connect ho ge hum FB pe 😀

  53. are mai b hu gurgaon wala .I am in 🙂

  54. you know something abey…. pondi is a place that is always on my mind…! visited in 2002 and still have fond memories. one day soon… meanwhile if you EVER happen to be in another city, give me a shout. i’ll connect you to some rockstars!

  55. will do. 🙂

  56. Thanks for sharing the link to my post Asha. Like you said, keeping this spirit alive and connecting with other people will definitely take us further in our ambitions and help meet our goals. 

    E for Eccentric – Sometimes I believe people who are eccentric are the ones who will succeed. Be eccentric in whatever you do. Pursue whatever you want without looking around and wondering what others think. We all are wired differently so let’s all live our destiny.

  57. This sounds like a lot of fun. I want to attend one of these too hopefully (soon). Asha any plans of Rodinhood meet in San Francisco / bay area?

  58. :))))))))))

    aneja – i think i need to promote this post –

    i think it would be interesting if alok could squeeze-in some time to catch up with rodinhooders in SF/any other city he goes to during his next US visit…

  59. ha 🙂 such an inspiration :). Thank s for sharing. 🙂 I was starting to wonder about your backgrounds ’cause you are doing such an amazing job.

    May be we should start a Rodinhood Couch if its already not there :).

  60. aparna,

    i’m looking fwd to your story once you start meeting up with rodinhooders in chennai 🙂

  61. Like Gurpreet says, it is indeed beautifully put, Asha!! You must write more, seriously. I can’t say I’ve experienced enough Rodinhooding after just one lunch (hint, hint!) but then once is never enough! 

  62. thanks pooja!

    i guess we’ll just have to meet up more often then. over lunch. over happy hours. over dinner…. 🙂

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