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Engg-student-on-weekdays-CEO-on-weekends [Thank you Alok Sir]

Hi Alok,


Greetings from Botrio Design Labs!! The company which would have been really hard to become possible without your guidance through your blog.


This is an article about our company that I would like to share.  




2 years back after winning lots of robotics challenges (after making enough pocket money and pursuing passion), I thought of doing something which will keep me working on Robotics. India didn’t have companies hiring for robotics so thought of starting one.


Didn’t have capitaI so thought of continuing winning challenges which will keep my spirits up. Instead of same old Robotics Challenges, I started eyeing on B-Plans as they had huge price money and also connect me to mentors.


For this I developed Facade Cleaning Robot and using this as a product I pitched into few prestigious B-Plan Competitions and guess what – won them!


I earned more than 3L through these competitions and later thought of working full fledged on them but was not completely convinced. [Alok’s post made me think twice] Later numbers didn’t match to build some complete hardware product which would have also made me to drop out which was against my parents.

I didn’t wanted to kill the idea but instead kept aside and started building IP [Intellectual Property] on it, which is still ongoing.


Later I became keen on Education segment which would allow me play little safe and started Botrio. Details of what my company is doing can be found in the above link. Though we are into training right now I have named it as Design Labs, we are cooking some interesting stuff connecting Internet and Robotics. 


Botrio started its operations on Jan 2012 and so far it has trained 2500+ students and has clocked revenue of 20+ Lakh and aims to leverage the training modules and expand the client base. 


We recommend colleges to make their students to take up our workshops as bridge courses which will create a technical awareness and also gives firsthand experience with respect to technology. We are not Training & Placement Company.We don’t place students. But we create a framework for the budding engineers which will complement the probability of getting placements.!


Do check us out on facebook. Botrio would be very happy if you LIKE our products and page! 🙂


Your posts:


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(the list goes on…) gave me high level of insights in running Business.


Congrats and best wishes on completing 2 years of guiding the pre pro entrepreneurs and start ups through!!!  


I was little concerned to write this post as many don’t know I am student….lol 


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  1. Congrats Shanmuhga! I am surprised to know that botrio has clocked revenues of 20Lacs since Jan 2012. Keep going.

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