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Entrepreneur – The Creator

This post is to give you an insight about an Entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur respects himself a lot and has pretty good number of reasons to do so. Entrepreneurs are least respected people in India but they respect themselves so much that your disrespect doesn’t affect them.  Why do we worship god? Because he created us, he created earth, he created everything around us. So do the Entrepreneurs, make your life simple? They are the ones who built your house, got you a car, created jobs for you, changed the world to make it a better place for you to live. Only God and Entrepreneurs have got the power to create and yeah, I am one of the CREATORS!

When you are not an Entrepreneur you look up to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, etc for inspiration, but once you turn into an Entrepreneur all you have to do is look into mirror every night before sleeping and take inspiration from a man in the mirror full of scars, bruises, blood stained clothes. Because he is the one who didn’t fear the unknown while leaving home in the morning to conquer the world, because he is the one who made ends meet today, because he is the one who was hungry but still fed his customers, because he is the one who went through terrible pain to make your life simpler, because he is the one who didn’t just live today but made this day count.

A venture may become success or a failure but for that you need to create at least a venture. When you said it can’t be done, when you didn’t even dare to dream of doing it, an Entrepreneur went ahead and started building it, completed it and served you, educated you, treated you and employed you too.

Orthodox kings got those people killed who said a man could fly, people laughed when someone dreamed of flying and then an Entrepreneur (Wright Brothers) went ahead, built it and flew, not just a man was able to fly but a whole house made of steel weighing tons flew in air. ‘Nothing is impossible’ who said this first? I don’t know but who proved this first? I know for sure an Entrepreneur did.

Entrepreneurs are like bumble bees, the whole world points out to bumble bees that they can’t fly, their body is not aerodynamically fit for flight but bumble bee gives them a deaf ear and happily fly. When there are naysayers around, the people who discourage you, all you have to tell them is, ‘If you can’t even beat me in dreaming big then you are already out of the game, now sit and watch the game.’

Can you imagine two strangers in a city like Mumbai click within minutes and start sharing their wealth? Yes, it is possible when these two strangers are Entrepreneurs. Met complete strangers Divyesh Panchal & Yash Bhatia (co-founders at Just Unjunk), Tushar Laddha (Founder of More than a Bowl) Karan Pandhi (Soon to start a QSR), Sanal (Founder at Bagelwala) and Hitesh Bhatia (Founder of Mumbaiya) and we clicked just in few minutes and everyone was sharing the secrets of their trade. Entrepreneurs often create such Give & Give relationships and help out even competitors to grow. Because an Entrepreneur’s philosophy is it’s not fun when you don’t have competitors and challenges and also it comes out of empathy. Entrepreneurs are so busy in creating that seldom they have time to spare on keeping their mistakes a secret, the belief is let people know about my mistakes so they do new mistakes not the old ones. I was shocked how engrossed Hitesh Bhatia was in creating that he somehow missed that a leading newspaper covered about his venture.

An Entrepreneur is a one man army when it comes to creation. An entrepreneur definitely tries to bring people together to create something but if people don’t support the initiative, an Entrepreneur has the ability to do it alone, build it alone. When J.R.D Tata launched Air India and couldn’t find people to fly, he himself became the pilot and flied the plane for months. A single man built a giant Air India which today an army of govt. managers and officers together are not able to handle. Every Entrepreneur has this one man army experience at least once in entrepreneurial journey. I had when I was running a pizza outlet and my chef left. One of my friends asked me ‘What will you do now?’ and I replied, ‘I am the creator, if I can create this pizza outlet, I can cook and run it as well. I cooked myself for 2 months until we found another chef.

An Entrepreneur creates success for people to get inspire, creates failure for people to learn.

                                              (Thomas Edison with the best creation of a man)

I can proudly declare, Yes I am an Entrepreneur – The Creator! 

Be proud if you are the creator too, Declare it!


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  1. Thanks Aman,

    Yes it does happen, when I joined rodinhoods and didn’t know how to go about, Asha helped me a lot and i still remember her saying :

    “Out here people will help you as they too are on the same road, and we all are of the like minds of being creators of some idea, innovation”

    So it is true we create the idea and as its said the rest is history …… 

  2. Very true… Karan!

  3. And I missed this meeting…

    Will surely catch up with you guys when I come to Mumbai…
    You guys are too good.. 🙂

  4. Tejas, its just abt the adage, United we stand…. and we stand firm n strong…

    Waiting for you to join the force…

  5. Well iam a creator but iam not an entrepreneur.I create (and even destroy at times).

    But the basic difference between you and me is that iam scared of mistakes(making them and particularly showing them).

    I guess thats what the difference is between animal and human instincts and thats what we overcome to jump from self gratification to a provider for the consumers.

    Reference to J.R.D TATA is really great because he is perhaps the most inspiring buisnessman and entrepreneur ever.He and Swami Vivekanand and king of mysore created first ever research institute that has created INDIA as we know today.

    Entrepreneurs are like bumble bees, ‘If you can’t even beat me in dreaming big then you are already out of the game, now sit and watch the game.’ awesome lines.


  6. Good one Aman. I related many things to myself.

    I am proud that I am a entrepreneur. And now I am working towards making my family and friends independent by turning them in to Entrepreneur also.

    Thanks to the opportunity that i was introduced to by my close friend. 🙂

  7. I haven’t come across a better synonym than “Creator” for an Entrepreneur. Imagine waking up every morning, peeping into the mirror and telling this to yourself: I’m the Creator. Creator of livelihood for myself, my family. Creator of livelihood for my employees. Creator of convenient products for my customers. Just imagine. Making difference in so many people’s life in a small or big way. Entrepreneur is a Creator like Lord Krishna. Creator of all manifested (read: products, assets) and un-manifested (customer feedback, networks and relationships etc). Entrepreneur is Father of a baby called “start-up” who makes it grow on the right principles (read culture), imbibing right knowledge (read: core values), supporting with right directions when required (read: strategies) and as the years passes, enjoys every moment (celebrating failures, pains et all) invested into carving a right human being (read successful venture). 

    Aman Jha, Keep Writing, Keep Inspiring! Keep the entrepreneurial “keeda” alive in you, always! 

  8. Hi Divyesh,

    You have described us perfectly… hahaha… Entrepreneur is a creator because he is a Thinker & Doer!

    He is the thought, action, reason, motivation, effort behind every creation. He knows no recession or depression. The invincible being, not because he will never fail but because he will never accept failure and settle. Just one though at the end,

    ‘You wanna learn from a great teacher then work for an Entrepreneur,

    but if you wanna become great student then become an Entrepreneur.’


  9. very true words AMAN

    “An Entrepreneur is a one man army when it comes to creation. An entrepreneur definitely tries to bring people together to create something but if people don’t support the initiative, an Entrepreneur has the ability to do it alone, build it alone.”

    keep motivating..thnks

  10. Thanks Rajdeep,

    The points mentioned above are something through which all entrepreneurs hv to pass…. TRHS is the best medium we can motivate and inspire each other to navigate through tough situations…


  11. aman… did you guys click any pix? pls email them to me if so! thanks

  12. Nope, we didn’t take any pics last tym, will definitely do nxt tym, we hv scheduled nxt meetin on wednesday, will mail you then.

  13. Thanks Sumeet. I just mean god and entrepreneur share the same profession, they both are creators


  14. I think you are confusing an innovator with an entrepreneur.

  15. Nope, I am not confusing… An innovator may invent something but yet not have courage to announce it to the world… Entrepreneur may or may not be an Entrepreneur.

    Why I choose the picture of Thomas Edison? Because, he is not only one of the greatest innovator of all time but he is also the greatest Entrepreneur of all time. This is the reason why I mentioned Steve Jobs too!

  16. Rohit, I know you personally, so I can say this ‘ You are an entrepreneur’.

    You have that keeda inside you, one day it will become dominant within you.

    and thanks for appreciation.

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