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Why Entrepreneurship and My First Venture

Sometimes, life takes you on a different path. A path where you’ve been away from yourself for such a long time, that you need to question everything and leave a lot of stuff that was once most important, and come back, start from scratch, to win the race you love to run.

I too was lost, call it peer-influence, or just simple misunderstanding. I thought about doing business throughout, though. But I took some time to decide whether to be an entrepreneur and the biggest question I asked was, Why?

A Sound Financial Decision : Not Enough

Doing business was a sound financial decision, to build assets. I’d dream of businesses like an automatic machine that required its chief engineer rarely. But I didn’t want to do anything just because it was a good financial decision, money has never been a first motivator.

Because it’s ‘cool’ : Nope

With time, more and more people started joining the startup train and I felt I’m missing out, I felt I’m being left behind. But, again, I didn’t want to do it because it’s cool and didn’t want to follow the crowd.

Solving Problems : Not Enough Either

I love solving problems, be it Mathematics in school, or think about solving general problems like recycling phones, or about those hanging electricity wires, to mobile application ideas. But solving problems is the heart of any work. The real question was, does the ‘work’ has to be entrepreneurship?

A Way of Life and How to Live, Everyday : Yeah, Probably !

But when I thought about how I wanted to live my life, everyday, I thought about the days I’ve been happy and satisfied with my work, the days I built something (e.g. as small as an excel spreadsheet that saved time) or the days I worked on something new (implementation of ERP in an organisation) or the days I discussed ideas with my friend. I thought about ‘excitement’, how excitement motivates me, doing something new, something different, makes difficult tasks seem like a play, I thought about ‘exploring’, how my curiousness just asks me to look behind the walls and around the corners. Everyday, to live like that, would be awesome.

Who am I

I’m 24 and I feel so far behind in the startup race. I know this path is not easy, but what path isn’t? I still have a lot to learn, still lack a lot of resources, still need to take steps without knowing or looking yet carefully, need a network, a mentor, but to think about figuring out all these, makes me more excited and curious.

I love to think about future, and thus I love technology. I love to empower people, (secret: I always cry at movie scenes where people achieve their potential, be it Tamasha’s ending, or the most recent video I watched “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”), to see a smile on someone’s face because of me, to create a movement of change, of something better. I love all of these. I remember a dialogue from ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’, “Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon, bus rukna nahi chahta.” This is what I want to do, everyday. (wow, I’m really putting my heart out here).

My First Venture:

So yes, I took the plunge, and here I am, presenting, accounting for startups, on the cloud, affordable and secure. Check out How It Works (we also have a little discount featurette for Rodinhooders, if you ask for it 🙂 )

I’d be full of gratitude if you could write your views below, anything you want to ask or add, would love to answer your queries.

Asking for Help

What do you think about the idea? You think it has potential?

What I should do next? How to market this? Any events you think I should attend? (I live in Delhi.)

Thank You 🙂

Thank you for reading, a bigger thank you to the whole Rodinhood community, and an even bigger thanks to Alok sir and Asha Ma’am for everything you’ve done for us.

PS: Dear Alok sir, I hope you’ll read this. Thank you for your videos on youtube, especially how selling is a divine activity. Loved it. I want to learn a lot and I’d love to hear your views on the venture. What I need to do, what I need to take care of, anything you’d like to add. Also, I’d love to meet you 🙂 Do share when you’ll be in Delhi. Just want to learn as much as I can, from you.

PPS: Dear Asha Ma’am, I read your tweets on how to build a community and I loved it. Thank a ton for it and your work here. 🙂 Also, I know you always ask for twitter handle, here it is: @tickedin


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  1. Just to start with, the post is posted on 22nd and today the website is not working… get it working asap once your article lose the position in “just in” you might not get enough replies/ suggestions..

  2. I messed up the link. Please check

  3. hey shikher,
    congrats on taking the plunge! i quite liked the way you’ve put yourself out there and shared your story without holding back 🙂
    sorry for not commenting earlier, i was travelling and catching up on all the posts over the weekend. noticed you thanked me – thank you for that!!! am happy to know you found my tweet chat helpful 🙂
    i’ve followed @tickedin on twitter. i think you should invest a bit of time everyday on twitter to get the word out.
    i’m sharing your post over my social media. hope you get some leads. good luck!!

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