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For all rodinhooders, on scrolling down over 3 years of brandlovevideos (BLV) timeline, there is a lot to share at this moment. This travel through wasn’t a bed of roses. It was a thrilling, fun-filled and yes of course, a learning roller-coaster ride. We are from a non-descript and obscure village in Tirupur which is labelled as the knitting city. There is no doubt that today it serves to be the best platform for entrepreneurs like us in a different genre.

With a team size of five, we are still strong believers of ideas and we have released more than 150 (Quality) videos for our beloved clients. Who are we? It is not so easy to beat the odds and launch a successful company. All you need is a good idea to compete in the race. But still, you will need a strong promotional strategy to start running and that’s where we join hands with you. It’s all about exhibiting the greatness of your product or service through a fun-loving story in a unique perspective with a voice and style. That’s clearly all you need indeed! We bake our explainer videos. We have been providing videos that garner both impressions and engagement.

For all these years, did you ever believe that any company could survive without any marketing? Yes, we do. We have never neither run a marketing campaign nor is one such required. We call this ZERO MARKETING. From our modest beginning to day-to-day success stories, the only attribute that clings our timeline is “QUALITY”: an open-door tool for welcoming more opportunities. And yeah, we are engaged round the year with many projects without any marketing or advertising. It is because that we have leveraged us in all trending aspects and we indulge ourselves in communicating value in every opportunity we get.

It is our pleasure that our very first client itself is a Premium client Infeedo which is an employee engagement and collaboration platform. They have raised US $150,000 in seed funding from Redcliffe Capital’s managing partners Dheeraj Jain and Palash Jain who was a former head of Google India core operations.

Infeedo : (2014)

After Infeedo project while we were working with other few clients, we got to know about Rodinhoods through social media and we made our first post on it. It was then, we got our another beloved Rodinhooder, is Mr. Rudrajeet Desai who owns a fantastic team as our client. We started the Moviebuddy project with them and we are working with him till date for various other projects as well. Our video for their project WorkApps is quotable. WorkApps is an enterprise workflow collaboration company (EWC) which has secured $1 million (Rs 6.7 crore) in funding from Sashi Reddiled SRI Capital.

Moviebuddy : (2015)

Workapps : (2017)

Our prime client Inshorts (formerly known as Newsinshorts), a mobile based news application has bagged $20M funding from tiger global and it is our delight that we have been a part of their success journey during their kick-start itself. Today, it is one of the leading news apps in India.

Inshorts :

When growing up in business, it is obvious that you need to compete with incumbents in industry. Many companies lack a little something on the backend which we never forget to follow for company’s sustainability. You can always compare our work with the products available in the market. We are consciously constructive enough and our clients are our biggest marketing tool. They talk about our quality of work to the world and the world speaks about our success. Now we are a success victim!

Looking forward To Your Feedback 🙂

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