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eTesting Platform – looking for education, coaching classes contacts

Dear Rodinhooders,

I am researching how coaching classes (e.g. the ones for engineering and MBA entrance exams) are managing so many students and analyzing their performances? I understand they must be using OMR sheets for testing and grading but what do they use for reporting etc. 

I and my friend are working on an eTesting platform and need to get some contacts into education/coaching business side who can give us insights about the needs of these institutes. Any leads/insightful advice will be really appreciated 🙂 Currently, we are looking for someone to test out our platform and give initial feedback in return for free trial. 

Secondly, as an education startup, what are some events/conferences we can go to? I know there’s a VCCircle education summit in Nov.

P.S. if you are in Indore, lets meet!


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  1. Hi Nistha,
    I would suggest you this pitch to Ims learning centres. I will share an email of the concerned shortly. Will also talk to him about this.

  2. Hello Nistha,

    I have been working on a similar idea (Way2bank) , just that I was planning to do it for banking exams in India. I may not be able to help you with any contacts as such but we can surely discuss a lot as I have been researching on this for quite some time. Moreover, I am based out of Indore.

    Here’s the facebook page of Way2bank for your reference – Way2bank

  3. Thanks! Will shoot you an email, hope to get some insights 🙂

  4. Thanks Anoop! You can msg me at Lmk if I can provide more info.

  5. Hey Roshan, thats awesome…would love to meet. Can you msg me your email and contact num? Thx!

  6. i am sajid

    want to start online education

    please forward your idea info , may be  i can use it in my institute

  7. drop me a mail at or call me at 8519004333 ..

  8. Hi Nistha. This is Harsh Gagrani. I own LegalEdge Tutorials (, a CLAT coaching in Bhopal. I’d be more than willing to test your platform, and give you insights. I myself have tested platforms on cloud of two different companies in the past two years for my online test series. We can connect on or +91-9893017822.

    P.S.- I’ll be coming to Indore in the first week of Dec. Let’s meet up!

  9. Idea is good Nishta. Might be you have gone through following resources,but  if not then its worth going through.

    Here is a blog worth reading

    A link to check start-ups coming in education domain in India. 

  10. Thanks Vikram, good read! And thx for edustars link, will try to make it! 🙂

  11. Thx Harsh, dropped you an email….hoping to meet soon!

  12. Thanks Sajid, sure. When you are ready to start your institute, just ping me. The idea is to help conduct tests online.

  13. Hi Nistha,

    I can give you the reference of my MBA Entrance class in Nashik, Maharashtra. You may contact the Director Mr. Sagar Nikam and speak to him to discuss your idea:

    Just FYI, One of my friend is currently in the execution phase of a very similar idea.

    I am presently working at my startup in Indore and would be glad to share more info if required.

    All the best !

  14. Hi Nistha,

    You may have a look at, a nice learning platform. As a publisher you may get valuable feedback and new avenue for revenue….let me know if you need any help :))) Best regards , @mar 

  15. Hey Kunal, lets meet then! Please share your email, thx so much.

  16. Thanks Amar, we are not publishing any content, so this is probably not for us (as far as I can understand). Is this your venture? I know another students venture for GRE and GMAT who might be interested in sharing the tests here with its students.

  17. Nistha, this is not my venture. We are working on an educational tablet which will have preloded contents and I know flexiguru founding team. Best regards, @mar :):) 

  18. Hi Nistha, 

    Thanks for the post. I started a company 4 years ago, PythaGURUS Education( and we help the student community with GMAT, GRE, SAT tests. We are now working on building online platforms for these, and would be happy to hear your ideas and assess a mutual fit. 

    I am based out of Delhi. But can connect on the phone certainly. Also, my email is 

    Will wait to hear back from you. 

    Cheers, Jatin

  19. Hi Nistha

    I head an MBA institute in Hubli Karnataka, i deal with Entrepreneurship activities in my institute. 

    associated with TiE organisation which promote entrepreneurship. if you want to test your platform for MBA students i can do it for you, if you want any other inputs like what we look in students for MBA course etc,. you can mail me

    Best wishes

    Prasad R

  20. Hi Nistha,

    My email is

    Please drop an email and if possible all the Indorian Rodinhooders can catch up together.


  21. Hey Kunal, thanks

    Yes, I am trying to organize an Indore meetup for Rodinhooders. Will let you know.

  22. Thanks so much Prasad. Please share your email and I’ll reach out!

  23. Hey Nistha,

    We are pune based startup working in engineering sector currently which provides online exams and practice sessions.We have couple of engineering colleges in Pune,Nashik and some private classes in pune which are tied up with us.We are also expanding into MBA and IIT-JEE sector.Let me know if we can do something..

  24. Hi nishitha,we r looking at a platform to conduct online tests for fresher recruitment.currently we r using another platform.would like to explore the possibility if ur platform is robust and scalable.mail me ur hand phone no.and let’s connect.

  25. My mail id E mail:


  26. Hi Sudhakar,

    Can you share your email please and then I’ll fix a time with you for chat. Thanks!

  27. Great ! Looking forward to it.

    Please feel free to drop a line, if i can help with organizing the meetup.

  28. Roshan, I think you were interested in Indore meetup…please reply on

  29. Kunal, I think you were interested in Indore meetup…please reply on

  30. Hi Nistha,

    Thanks for the link. I shall surely be available for the meetup.

  31. Just wanted to put an update here that we finally built a platform utilizing the feedbacks we received from many many folks (much thanks to this forum!).

    Our site is live at

    Currently, we are showing the demo upon request. So, if you are interested, drop us a message and I’ll be happy to show it. 

    Once again, thanks everyone for their help. Would love any feedbacks and contacts. 

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