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Expert Etiquette Rules & Tips for Coworking Spaces

The coworking spaces of present times with various interesting themes, coffee flowing from the tap, nap rooms and the luxurious pantries that look like five-star kitchens all constitute the spanking new workspaces which are trending as co-working spaces. The regular employees from the traditional offices have maximum chances of getting afflicted with envy temporarily looking at the décor of the coworking spaces but the very thought of putting up and working every day with strangers around you with various people every hour or day retract many of us from adopting the coworking spaces.

This goes without any doubt that the coworking spaces offer us a unique experience in the ways of working and lots of flexibilities which gives you several leverages as compared to that of the traditional offices. The long list of the benefits attached with the coworking spaces and their availability at highly-competitive price packages are contributing to the steep rise in the demand for the coworking spaces.

If you are operating from a coworking space, you will be very well able to understand that all the joy of enjoying the beautiful interiors of the coworking spaces vanish in the thin air when the persons surrounding you have got some annoying habits. Here is a list of expert etiquette rules and tips that you should necessarily follow if you are operating from a coworking space.

  • Being considerate to your fellow members in the coworking spaces– In case you are sharing a table with someone else in a coworking space, you should make it a point to keep all your items in the space designated for you so that the other person does not face any inconvenience and never get irritated with you. The coworking staffs are also at your service to help you find an outlet for charging your laptop or helping you to fix the issue (if any) with the printer or coffee vending machine. However, you should always know your boundaries.
  • Noticing the noise– The excessive noise is one of the prime complaints that come up in the coworking spaces simply because everyone is trying to concentrate well and enhance their productivity. With several people working from the same space with different schedules, going and coming to the meetings or taking a break usually creates a certain level of commotion throughout the working hours in the coworking space. This is crucial to be able to get on with all your works without making any commotion or speaking to the people while in a working day.
  • Avoiding smelly foods– The shared office spaces ultimately mean the shared lunch spaces as well. In case you are dining in a shared dining space in a coworking space, you should avoid carrying or ordering foods with strong aroma or smell. This may create problems for the other members who are dining in the same lunch space. As the coworking spaces are usually enclosed, the smells can indeed be overpowering and lead to the certain level of discomfort as well as the distraction to the coworkers.
  • Being productive– Most of us have the tendency of getting sidetracked while at work. We sometimes get distracted and tend to use Social Media and start fidgeting with our phones or answer personal calls. We also at times sneak out at an earlier hour than usual. And even though you might not prefer the lack of privacy, your office behavior is on full display in front of your colleagues. They can very well make out whether you are productive at your workplace. By not being productive, you end up being disrespectful to your team and also hurt the morale of your colleagues. You might offend them by dumping more work on them.
  • Being friendly– Working in a coworking space is also about being social. So, this goes without saying that possessing a friendly demeanor is certainly appreciated. You should always say a warm hello to your neighbors around you and also get to know them well. Once you make some great connections, you have strong chances of excelling in your career.
  • Being resourceful– The coworking space may not provide every small thing/supply that you need in your work. This is especially true if you usually rely on certain specialized artistic materials or niche technology to fulfill your work duties. While the coworking spaces in India are rapidly improving and are making it possible to cater with the various specific niches which are based in the community as well as the nature of the space, the kinds of the works being conducted, you will have to gauge the kinds of etiquette that you should follow in the workspace.
  • Staying flexible– The open workspaces are undoubtedly excellent for the purpose of professional networking but they also offer lesser privacy. The best approach to follow while you choose to co-work is to remain flexible and possess a great sense of humor which will help you in tackling several small issues. Rather than being stressed regarding any issue, you should ideally take the opportunity to tackle them by thinking out of the box and exploring some feasible options. For example- you might choose to head over to another vacant workstation temporarily for an hour or so when your neighbor is being too noisy. Alternatively, you can try the option of chatting with them one to one and crack a joke intending towards lightening the mood.
  • Refrain from overusing amenities and services– This can at times create distractions and issues within a workspace while someone oversteps their designated boundaries. This includes the overbooking of the conference rooms and also locking others out, over-using all the papers in the copier machine and also at times using the space which has been assigned for some other member in the coworking space.

The above simple and easy-to-follow etiquettes can very strongly build as well as develop friendly, courteous and efficient work relationships with your co-workers in a coworking space chennai.


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