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Exquisite India Collection of Premium Diaries Is All About Tigers and Wildlife

Exquisite India is a specially crafted, limited range of premium diaries by Doodle Collection. But it’s not just any regular diary; it is an initiative to protect the rich culture and wildlife of our country; especially the majestic tiger. Not only this collection inspires travellers to explore the country’s beautiful wildlife, it’s an initiative to protect the existence of tigers. Since only about 3000 left, this collection is our attempt to make you aware and thus, save this glorious animal along with many others.

Here is a list of the collection and the inspiration behind each one of them;

The Regal Roar : This range is dedicated to our National animal, Tiger! Sadly, it is one of the endangered species today and some of us have only seen tigers in a picture. So, take this chance and go see a tiger and enjoy the nature in a forest getaway but at the same time do something so your future generation can see them alive too.

The Elegant Antelope : As we all know, the blackbucks are also an endangered species because of poaching of their horns. Once upon a time, they were happily roaming about the open plains at the base of Himalayas. The Elegant Antelope range of diaries inspires us to visit the North of India and maybe we would be lucky to witness this beautiful creature.

The Spectacular Peacock : A range of diaries especially designed to focus on our beautiful national bird, peacock! Have you seen a peacock yet? Yes, it is rare to sight them, thanks to our hunting and poaching that Peacocks are now on the verge of extinction. Go on a bird watching trip in the mating season and see the male peacocks in all its glory, dancing! Trust us; it will be a sight you will never forget!

Tusk Tales : Elephants play a very important role in our culture, religion and also in maintaining the natural habitats of animals, the forests. This range makes us realize that not far away in the future there will be A India without elephants. Doesn’t this thought make you sad? So, plan your next holiday at an elephant camp where you can enjoy bathing them, feeding them and living around them.

The Glorious South : The beauty of our country is depleting day by day because of various human activities. The South is full of flora, full of beaches lined with tall coconut trees, the boat houses are all part our South of India. This range of diaries also focuses on the beautiful architecture and temples hidden in the Southern regions. Next winter vacation; spend your time amidst the rich culture and architecture of the glorious south.

The Mighty North : Experience the rich heritage, the mysticism of the temples, the braveness of our soldiers, the beauty of the Taj Mahal and everything that North of India has to offer. We think we want to travel for a year and experience the diversity of our nation!

Yes, these ranges of diaries inspire you to travel and explore the country! But, don’t forget that Exquisite India is about protecting the bits and pieces of our country before they are gone so do your bit and let the future also be proud of how beautiful India is as we are today!

Not to forget, 10% from the sale of every notebook will be contributed towards wildlife conservation. So join us in this cause to help maintain the beauty of this country and its wild inhabitants. 

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  1. wow. nice. and exquisite indeed. makes an interesting gift to a writer. 

    didn’t get the “woodfree” part though… (in the roaring description para)

    “Roaring volumes about the unruly tiger and possessing hard bound golden glazed edges, this multi-color miracle weighs less than a kg. This A5 doodle creation of 176 pages, is characterized by a UV- finish cover material and premium quality natural shade, 90 GSM, woodfree, perforated paper. However, the essence of the diary lies in its metal page markers accompanied by a metal pendant and 14 captivating facts.”

  2. Dear Asha,

    Thanks for showing your interest. The woodfree paper is a chemically treated paper that enhances the quality and finish of the paper and increases it durability.

  3. Diaries still sell?

  4. Yes Alok, The world is big and most of the people love to keep diaries. It is said that writing diaries not only help you to stay organised but also increase productivity and reduce stress. Diaries are what can be used for many purposes like corporate as well as personal gift items, conferences, to welcome new employees etc.


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