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F & B Sector Focussed / Sector Agnostic Investors

Ola fellow Rodinhooders !

Well, I’ve been dormant for a few months on TRH portal due to travel/change of base etc, so posting after a long time now. I’m just thinking out loud, requesting some inputs from fellow Rodinhooders

My only post, which was last October, was when I reached out to understand Govt ways of getting an x amount of funding. Although it didn’t work out for me as usually an operating business/proof of past revenues/assets is what they(banks) typically look for which I currently don’t have (still in concept stage-ready to launch)

I did get an opportunity for past 3.5 months to work overseas to mint some greenback and give me some extra breadth to put my own skin in the F&B venture I wish to start. However, it is still falling short of the number that I need to have as Capex + Initial Working Capital

Just an FYI from my prev post – I shared the comprehensive business plan with some prominent VCs/Angel networks and have garnered their interest on investing in it, though some took a back step claiming conflict of interest/not looking at investing in this space, quite a few showed interest in the concept & the financials at minimal volumes I projected. However, a minimum 6 months operational POC is what they’re specifically looking for before they’d like to step in for early stage investing.

Now the question – I’ve tried & tried, still am, but I just feel may be I’m missing something. May be, if I could garner this interest in the ones interested in this sector, who’ve been long enough in it and seen the best of both worlds, may be that’s where I’ll get an opening. Hence a call out for help –

1) Any F&B focussed independent investors in the house ? 

2) Any F&B focussed fund/institution/scheme which I may have never read of ?

3) Any Independent investors (sector agnostic) to whom I can reach out to for seed investing ?

Thanks in advance ! Cheers !



Image Source: Budapest Business Journal 


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  1. Confusing post. The more important question is what is your proposal – NOT – who are the investors!

    WHAT is your F&B pitch? Can you share that?

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