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Farmers Fund – Can it be as easy as Netflix?

*Looking for volunteers*

What if, you can enable & watch small farmers thrive, as easy as watching a movie on Netflix?

I am a serial technology entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, California and putting together a new initiative to help raise funds for activities which would directly benefit small farmers. There are about 450 million small farm holders in the world responsible for feeding 4 billion people and are struggling to survive. It’s very critical to sustain and make them thrive as the world is heading towards a very acute food shortage, which would impact a LOT of people. Even today 800 million people sleep hungry every night!

It’s a very early stage initiative and I am figuring out lots of things, the focus would include creating an experience for donors which keep them informed, involved and maybe possibilities of actually participating in the outcomes of their investment in small farm holder communities. Projects which may include (but not be restricted to) setting up cold storage’s, market access, building co-operatives at scale, financial literacy and things like them. You can sign-up to receive updates on our progress at

To make all of this to happen, I am looking for volunteers who are passionate about solving problems for people at the bottom of the pyramid and have expertise in:

(a) Online content marketing
(b) Website development with subscription based models
(c) Video content creation & editing
(d) Blog writing, especially focused on sustainable development
(e) Graphic Designing

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please reach out to us at


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