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Ask For Help Needs SPEAKER References for an Event

Hello People

Hope you are doing great & working hard to make a mark

This is Yunus Dange , I run a startup called

Going one step further my startup is doing it’s first Industry event called “Adventure Tourism Conclave 2015” you can find all the details about the event at . It will be a first of it’s kind event in Adventure Tourism sector which we are doing with support from Maharashtra Tourism.

One of our Session Focuses on “Marketing Challenges the industry is facing (Specially Social Media Marketing and Cost effective offline marketing)”, Adventure Domain have less exposure to Marketing. So we are connecting with people who can be SPEAKER at the conclave and can talk on this topic. 

It will be great if you can guide me regarding this…if you can connect me with people who can be our speaker for this topic or suggest me whom we should get it touch for this.

We have DIGITAL VIDYA in mind (they provide courses in Marketing) but we doesn’t have any contact of a concern person. It will be win win situation for Speaker as 500-600 adventure tour operators will be attending the they can also generate some business from them. 

Waiting for the positive response 

Thanks in Advance

TheRodinhooders Rocks! As always


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  1. yunus,

    pls go through our past events – there are lots of events by digital vidya (and other folks!) – the contact people are rodinhooders so you can easily get in touch with them!!

  2. Sure Mam, will do that


  3. You can talk directly with Pradeep Chopra at DigitalVidya. He knows me well. You may mention “Puneet from Nirogam or HoneymoonSwami”. His number is 9810762902.

    At the same time, at HoneymoonSwami, we have had a lot of success with our Social Media activities. So if you would like to present HoneymoonSwami as a case study, you may well do so.

    Regards, Puneet

  4. Thanks a lot Punit, Appreciate!

    Also It will be great if you can share some details about HoneymoonSwami with it’s social media success, so that i can present it to my team & see how it goes.


  5. Yunus, Happy to discuss it over a call. You may call me sometime at 9916181405.

  6. yunus,

    i met pradeep at npc2014 a couple of days ago and told him about this post. i will share the link with him as well.

    all the best.

  7. Sorry for the late reply !

    i am very bad at following my own posts 🙁

    i have connected with Pradeep sir,,,he showed interest …but things doesn’t work out due to some budget issues from our side…..! but it was great to connect with him

    meanwhile we have almost confirmed Mr. Mihir Karkare (Social wavelength) for that Marketing session ( Darshan Sir connected me with him)

    It’s great to be a Rodinhooder! 

  8. Yunus, you can also try below mentioned for your social media promotion. Just read the article. It may be of your use.

  9. Nice…Thanks…will surely see this!

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