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Fleet Management App: Top 5 Features to Include in Enterprise Fleet Management App Solution

Do you want to automate the operations of your fleet management business? Have you decided to develop a mobile-based enterprise fleet management solution? Developing an enterprise fleet management solution for your enterprise helps you to manage a fleet without any hassle. Through a mobile-based solution, you can manage from 10 to 10000 vehicles and equipment with just a few simple taps.

When it comes to developing an enterprise fleet management app for your business, it is important to integrate important features that make it more convenient to monitor and manage all the aspects of the fleets. Whether it is about managing daily fleet activity, drivers, automating driver assignments or monitoring or scheduling fleet, a feature-packed fleet management app handles everything from tracking, maintenance, analysis to reporting.

Fleet Management Solutions


Being a fleet management startup, if you have made up your mind to developing an enterprise fleet management app, here are top 5 features that you should not forget to include to make your app successful:

  1. Tracking Vehicles in Real-time

When making an enterprise fleet management app, don’t forget to consider real-time tracking feature that allows tracking vehicles. It will help you to get the exact location of the vehicles with geo-location, allowing you to keep an eye on them.

  1. Maintenance History

The second essential feature to consider while making an enterprise fleet management app is maintenance history that allows to instantly review service history and work orders in order to see the last time a certain service task was performed. The user of the app can log maintenance as it is performed.

  1. Inspections & Issue Reporting

A mobile-based fleet solution will help operators and mechanics of the company to quickly perform inspections and issue reports, including detail information like photos and personal remarks. Moreover, they can quickly give a look at the reports of all the drivers and inspect any issue if any.

  1. Job Scheduling

Along with inspecting and reporting, operators can assign and schedule the jobs of the drivers through the application. Once they assign all the jobs to drivers along with vehicles, they can track all the jobs that are pending and completed by them.

  1. Driver Safety Monitoring

An enterprise-based fleet management application will help to track all the drivers on one platform. Track all the drivers and their behaviors to improve their performance benchmarks. So, track on-road habit of your drivers to constantly enhance driver’s performance.

So, you have just gone through the top features of enterprise fleet management solution that you can’t forget to include while making a mobile app for your fleet business. If you have got any fleet management app idea in your mind, you can discuss it with a leading mobile app development company that offers enterprise fleet management app development service.


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