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flipkart/amazon for sweets

Its Diwali season and I thought of gifting sweets to few friends and corporate contacts. I think most of you might be aware of traditional approach. However, I was looking for a website that would deliver sweets on my behalf. I tried google , got few options – Amazon which seem to have very limited option and packaging is kind of not that great (sweets of haldiram are good, but gift boxes with full blown ad of no) and other few sites, but had never heard of those sites (trust issue). (Flipkart seems to not have any option)

so are there any option that I am missing out or is there business opportunity?

given time constraints, I have opted for traditional approach of buying and delivery sweets myself. But any suggestion would be helpful for future reference



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  1. I have used their services couple of times when I was in Australia and pretty satisfied with it. Timely delivery and good quality items.


  2. In case you want to taste traditional Bengali sweets, during Diwali, visit this store:

  3. If you are looking for an Errand service for ANYTHING to be delivered, Geography would be key, if its International you can try Taskrabbit (TaskRabbit is a website and mobile app where you can go to outsource small jobs and tasks to people in your neighborhood.)  For Mumbai, India (as you are based in Mumbai I guess) you can try services like RunMyErrands (RunMyErrand becomes TaskRabbit April 2010) My Peon (concierge service which lets people outsource their errands & deliveries.) who can get your Sweets delivered within the Mumbai area (Bharat Ahirwar from My Peon is a RH too)

    For Sweets you can check Bikaji, Haldiram or any other local Sweets manufacturers (MM in Mumbai, Malad does this too) they have delivery options in the local areas if booked in advance with Gift packing options too, you can visit their Store or call and confirm the details either on phone or also by email etc, this would be to identify them based on the cities you need to send them as well and have a pickup point in your city for the purpose too.

    The other option is to send Chocolates, Options for which could be many with prepackaged chocolates from well known brands in the market like Cadburys, Amul, Ferrero Rocher, Merwans, The Taj and other Locally produced chocolate sup pliers and orders from many of the FoodPreneurs from TRHS would be glad to take your orders and customize it too do check that as another way of working together with the RH’s in this festival season, Take your Pick with all the permutations and Combinations.

    If not, courier services could also be employed if you have multi locations with weight being one of the concerns with Shelf life of the Product being short and timely delivery before Diwali things like these make it tough for any FoodPreneur to have things at One place and Distribute national or International too (A good Idea to think upon as a Startup again 🙂 )

    Also payments for organizing the sweets purchased and delivery in other cities would be something which would also be another coordinated effort, it is things like these which might sound as “One Size does not fit all” not possible too with Variety and choice becoming optional adding to the difficulty of matching the requirements all over the Nation / World a bit too much, right ?

    Happy Diwali to You and Your family and Friends!! and a Happy new Year ahead!


  4. Thanks Arpit,Saikat and Darshan

    appreciate your insight

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