Fraud alert from RCom

Hello Fellow Rodinhooder’s, As a fellow member, I’m looking for help from anyone. The whole story is like this: I was a customer of Rcom using their internet services with a monthly rental bill of Rs.800. All was good for a good year or so, however suddenly in Nov 2010 I got a bill for Rs. 11000. This obviously isnt legitimate and I asked Rcom for a clarification. They didn’t and suggested to cancel the connection, which they did by collecting their stuff. All of a sudden, mid of last month from some person stating he is a lawyer from the Delhi Court and said I have to make the out-standing since I didnt respond to their court case. He only gave me 1 hr and said if you dont make the payment, he’ll file the case and I wud have to b arrested and presented in Delhi. honestly, this shocked me and i made the payment. What i wanted to find out was, is this doable by reliance. Can they extort money like that? there was no justification of the cost, no proof whether i used that content but was sickening to be at the receiving end like that. Really appreciate if any fellow rodinhooder could help me through this situation. Thanks,SachinYour Fellow Rodinhooder