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Freelancing – Why It’s Better Than Your Full Time Job

These days, there’s a tough competition between freelancing vs full time jobs. Having the security of monthly paychecks with a regular job, or being your own boss. That’s what freelancing is. Most of the youth is looking to start their own business or to work independently. On the other hand, companies too are looking to outsource projects with hopes of saving money. They would otherwise have to spend on resources to be employed in the organization on a monthly payroll. With these two factors combined, there’s hardly any reason left to prove why freelancing is better right now.

If you’re contemplating between freelancing vs full time jobs, here are a few reasons for you to jump on the bandwagon:

1) Experience

If freelancing entirely is not your thing, doing it while studying is a great way to gain experience. If you’ve pre decided to join an organization full-time, it’s a bonus to have some work experience on your resume. By the time you’ve graduated, your freelance projects will give you a strong portfolio leading to high salaries.

2) No Fixed Desk

Freelance projects give you the freedom to work on your own terms. Whether you wish to work out of a coffee shop on a particular day or stay in bed, it’s completely in your hands.

3) Flexible Timings

Clients working with freelancers usually do not think twice before calling during abnormal hours. But this is mostly because they know you work at any time you please, day or night. Prior commitments, sudden changes, unforeseeable situations will not affect your work in any way. You can just head home and finish your work at night.

4) No Office Policies

Another example of why freelancing is better is having no policies to follow. Apart from flexible working hours and no fixed location, there are also other advantages you have that a regular job won’t get you. Take dress code policies for example. Corporates would have you in formals, and startups, even with their freedom, would at least have you in decent tshirts and jeans (or leggings, if you’re into comfort like me). But as a freelancer, you could be working in anything, pyjama shorts, Powerpuff night dresses, and what not.

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5) Being Your Own Boss

Though you’re working on projects for your clients, it’s very different than having to report to someone in an office. When it comes down to freelancing vs full time jobs, freelance projects give you the opportunity to build your own brand. You decide the kind of people you’d like to work with, and the kind of work you’d like to do. After a point, you will know exactly the type of clients you want. You’ll have the freedom to pick just those.

6) Multitasking & Time Management

Instead of working a single job, you can take up multiple freelance projects at a time. Multitasking will help you manage your time better. Apart from multiple projects at hand, you’ll also have to handle your personal life. This is where the art of juggling comes into play.

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  1. Hi Sonia,
    I beg to differ here. Freelancers have lots of limitations and professional issues. Most of them don’t value the deadlines. They lack quality and also show their frustrations if clients asks some changes or shows his dislikes about something from the work. If the Project is very important and big I would never go for ‘Freelancer’. Handling their attitudes is too much headache.

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