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From a product review request to potential customers in 10 hours…That’s TheRodinhood power

A few days ago one of my friend referred me to the ‘TheRodinhoods’ community. The obvious initial impression was, ‘Ohh snap’ must be just an another forum. But when I moved ahead and signed up myself, I could experience the difference. A very sincere pre-signup check, brought a sense of trust within fellow Rodinhooders. Since then one thing was clear to me, that users here are pretty legitimate and are either entrepreneurs or their die hard fans 😉

Sooner later we were coming up with a new UI for our start-up website ( ) and I thought why not give a try to ‘Ask‘ thread at Rodinhood’s forum. we posted a website review request. Believe it or not, but the response was much more than the expected. 

The current stat shows, the post was viewed around 720+ times (well that’s huge), above which we received several legitimate feedback and improvement suggestions from fellow  Rodinhooders. Which helped us a lot in avoiding the mistakes made as well giving  a direction to our thought process.

Being a newbie we were focusing too much on the product side aspects (and literally  forgot to think about visitor’s expectations and behavioral aspects ). We also had missed some of the crucial web standards, because of which our site could have got penalized by search engines…Thanks to the fellow Rodinhooders and the Rodinhoods community for availing such a wonderful platform where people can help each other and get helped.

Because of TheRodinhoods, we were benefited in terms of both ‘the improvement feedback’ as well as potential customers driving to our site. Thank you all.

This post in ‘ask’ made us realize behind every Rodinhooder there is a designer, a developer & an adviser willing to help you…


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  1. rahul,

    loved “therodinhood power” and your closing lines 🙂

    you sent me such a lovely email the first day itself, i just had to share it here with everyone!

    so glad ASK really really worked for you! many congrats!

    keep asking :))))))))))

  2. Thanks Asha 🙂

  3. So Happy and Glad to see you not regretting giving TRHs a try 🙂

    Wish you Good Luck always!!!

    Cheers Rahul!!

  4. Thanks Wiki 🙂

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