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Galijob – India’s answer to the Blue Collared Unemployment Crisis

Been a while that I’ve been hearing about the unemployment crisis in India. Took us a while to figure out the reason. Before I delve deep in to what we did and how our love story with the Indian blue collared and entry level market started let me give a brief about our so called entrepreneurial experience.

So we are typically 2 founders with close to a decade of tech experience. We unlike all the ‘Social Network’ type stories did not meet in college or a random coffee shop in SF Bay Area or any other place worth a mention. We met accidentally on a Bangalore based forum called OCC (Open Coffee Club Bangalore). Both of us wanted to do something in recruitment and we did create a brilliant tool called Talentpegs which was apparently India’s first job distribution and profile aggregation service. It did work wonders for us but still there was something missing. We were not able to create an impact as we thought we would.

I mean come to think of it, there about 4000 plus startups trying to do stuff for the white collared audience but there are barely a few who have been able to scratch the surface of the blue collared unemployment crisis which is a bigger problem comprising of 600 million people in India.Take a look at the following snapshot.


According to this there are about 417 startups and differently sized companies that are focusing on the white collared segment worth merely 1B USD. In other words, it’s a perfect example of a Red Ocean where people are trying to come up with innovative ideas. Nevertheless it’s a market where it is predominantly difficult to create an impact unless you have the support of Jarvis and Tony Stark.

So all of the above reasons prompted us to migrate to the blue collared space.This is a space that is still bickering because it has always been at the receiving end of flawed Government policies, bureaucracy, red tape and nepotism. 

If you think in retrospective why is poverty still a huge issue in India? The answer is abysmally simple. It’s because people have not been empowered till date with jobs that could help them raise their living standards by several notches and come up above BPL. Are there a dearth of jobs? No absolutely not.There are potential employers in every nook and corner be it large corporations, mid tiers, small companies,startups and MSMEs trying to find out such individuals.

If that is the case, then what exactly is the issue?

The issue is simple. There needs to exist a platform that could connect demand with supply effectively. This is where we saw an opportunity to have an impact and we came up with Galijob.

Galijob could be touted as India’s first hyperlocal mobile job marketplace for blue collared and entry level job seekers.

What’s different about Galijob is the fact that it’s extremely simple to use both at the job seeker’s end and at the employer’s end. Now loads of people come down and ask us how do we plan to on-board blue collared people a majority of them who don’t have access to mobile phones let alone the internet. Well we have solved it using our innovative flyers that are getting rave reviews from job seekers as we are aggressively pursuing them and our state of the art yet simple on-boarding process.Take a look:


Anyway coming back to the app it’s radically simple to use both from an employer’s and a job seeker’s point of view. Having said that any piece of software is always subject to perpetual optimisation and we are trying our best to make Galijob a habit forming product.

Looking at the way people have shown their love and support ever since we launched seems we have a long way to go. I mean Ryan Hoover was kind enough to hunt us up on Product Hunt. It did yield good amount of up votes to the Galijob portfolio on PH.

Now all this might sound a little theoretical to you since it would perhaps be the first time some of you would be reading about an app called Galijob but let me tell you it’s always worth a shot and it’s merely 2MB so doesn’t really hurt your 3G/4G bandwidth. 

I think the simple yet ergonomic user interface coupled with personalisation and smart algorithms capable of learning consumer psychology makes Galijob our offering a force to reckon with. Our sole mission is to eradicate poverty from India by empowering them with jobs and any sort of help, suggestions nuggets of wisdom or to top it all capital would be more than welcome.

Click Here to go to our Playstore link or visit us at to know more about us.

Additionally drop in at our office at 91Springboard to say a quick hello. We would be more than happy talk to you.

If you’re an Employer or a Blue Collared Jobseeker we are coming for you – Just Wait and Watch!


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  1. hey saurabh, 

    i like the idea – i like it a lot. anything to do with solving any unemployment gives me goosebumps!

    i love the name – just think you need to write it like this GaliJob. so that the “gali” part is clear! 

    i think you need to reach out to folks like kirtiman (garagely) –

    and change their mindset as well!

    in fact, feel free to go through the showcase section and check out who all you have synergies with!

    good luck!!

  2. ps: one piece of unsolicited advice:

    going forward, you might want to think of re-phrasing “blue collared” in your communication. it’s considered a bit derrogative – but that’s a perspective of course!

    some suggested terms – Technicians / Field teams / Services Professionals / Frontliners /Workers

  3. saurabh i just shared your post on fb and want to tweet it. pls add your twitter handle at the end of the post. and pls fix the social media links on your website. there is a bug!!

  4. @neocortex666

    And we wud fix the social media glitches by EOD. Thanks a lot.

  5. What’s with the name Gali job ? To a lot of hindi speaking folks gali = abuse.

  6. abhik – that is GAALI. 

    gali – means galli (lane) 

  7. Hi,

    Unemployment is certainly a big problem in India. Your efforts to solve this problem are indeed commendable.

    We are in the process of starting a training hub to train the unskilled unemployed people to get  jobs in corporate sector. We are located at NOIDA.

    Please let us know the details of ” potential employers in every nook and corner be it large corporations, mid tiers, small companies,startups and MSMEs trying to find out such individuals.” to enable us to structure the training according to the needs of the market.

    We hope to use your services in future.


  8. Would love to collaborate with you Sir. Just shoot me an email at

  9. Well how South is perceiving the name is quite similar to what you said but just like gati which means speed which is a  Sanskrit word and is written and pronounced as गति  Gali too is actually pronounced as गली rather than गाली which means abusive or profane language.

    Unfortunately as I spoke to my peers gali does not mean anything in Kannada and is perceived as Gali which means Abusive and so we are trying to fix this using an extra ‘l’.

    But again any suggestions are more than welcome and we would be more than happy to consider it.

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