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Game over – Falphool 1.0 to be trashed soon

Yeah true, we are trashing Falphool 1.0 website and please keep reading.

It has been an revolutionary and eventful journey for me and for my entire team so far. We all learnt a lot and still learning, from assortment of foods and vegetables to handling of customers. Credit to the team for making it huge success.

We are now 15 member team serving 500 families and delivering 35-45 orders per day in Dwarka. With unwavering demand from customers, we started grocery segment as well. Currently we are not taking grocery orders online but will be giving that option to customers soon.

In my last discussion, we said we will be different and we will be keeping that promise. We are bringing some of the new ideas which as a foodie I’m passionate about. We are almost 70% done with our website development part. So now it’s the time to share with you what all you can expect in our version 2.0 which we plan to launch in NOVEMBER 2015. 

1. Recipe based selling: This is something new, which no biggie has ever tried.After discussing with our customers we thought of bringing it in our new version.

Let me explain this quickly:

Suppose user wants to cook Pizza on his own, he can go to our website(new version), Check the recipe and ingredients there.On the click of the button he can add all the items(ingredients ) mentioned in the recipe to the shopping list, no more headache of remembering or noting down ingredients. With this user will have 2 advantages:

a) The ease with which he can add items to the cart

b) He doesn’t need to search for individual items which is a headache for many.

What do you think about this?


2. Menu planner for healthy lifestyle: At times we don’t know what we have in kitchen and what all we need to buy. We go the stores buy items and more often than not, we buy those items as well which we have. So this is one of the biggest pain for many users.
In this new version and based on the recipes or otherwise, user can plan his/her menu for a week/month and through this he can generate his grocery list. This will help in saving time and User will know exactly what he/she needs in kitchen and this will prevent the impulse buying.This will save money as well. He can check on his calorie as well.

Now the IMPORTANT QUESTION –  Who all can upload Recipes?


3. Cooks/Chefs can upload their recipes and they will get points based on the sales made through their recipes. And when cooks and chefs will shop through us, they can get those points discounted. Here we invite all who are COOKs/Chefs, housewives who love cooking food too.   

4. Rating and Review based selling: Customers and doctors can review the groceries and staples, and based on their review and ratings products will be rated and displayed. 

5. Points System – Customers can bring their references, minimum 3 references, customers will get points based on the sales made by those references. Those points can be discounted.

6. Food events: There will be offline events which we will be hosting for foodies and for cooks as well. 

7. Wishlist and Reorder from previous orders.


We plan to Launch the new version ASAP and hope to fulfill aspirations of many.

Now looking forward to your feedback. Please don’t be harsh on us.


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  1. so this is an interesting development sunil. am including this in the newsletter. let’s hear what everyone thinks of your ideas. i will also come back with mine later on.

    good luck!!

    ps: in the meanwhile – have you checked out purple kaddu? 

  2. Hi Asha,

    Thank you so much for all your help.  Wouldn’t have been possible without this platform, where everyday is new learning. This is the “Facebook of Startups”. Love to have feedback of fellow rodinhooders.

    Just checked Purple kaddu, will be going through it in detail.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sunil Suri 

  3. Hi Sunil,

    It’s a great idea. I have some feedback to share:

    Make sure your user interface is really simple yet creative.Your concept should be implemented in a way that generates response from the users the minute they surf your portal and new features.

    – Make an interactive interface

    – Avoid overflow of information/content

    – Make it self explanatory, its always more fun!

    – You mentioned point system, create a simple video explaining the same( can be animated or just a plain video- go to powtoons- you can create a free video from there. This will help users to understand and quickly start using the features you intend to build.

    Great idea, great vision! best of luck 🙂

  4. Hi Diksha,

    Thanks for great insights. Noted the key points and will try to create the video as well.

    ~Sunil Suri

  5. Hi Sunil,
    When you wrote your previous post, I had posted asking about how different your idea is from the rest and I guess you guys have found it. Glad to see you are pivoting. I like the idea of recipe based shopping. When I do cook on weekends, I try to make a new dish and then go about scouring the fridge and kitchen cabinets for ingredients. Some items are available in nearby grocery shops and for some I need to go a bit further. One suggestion would be select the number of people to cook and then give custom packaged ingredients. More suggestions once the 2.0 site is up. Good luck!

  6. Hi Sridhar,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.Yeah Recipe based shopping will really help, I discussed this idea with few cooks and chefs before developing that feature.

    Number of people add-on has already been developed with some intelligence(e.g salt PACK once added won’t be added again).

    Thanks once again for reading this and hope we can present the differentiation elements ASAP.

    ~Sunil Suri

  7. Mr. Sunil:

    Provide login as a guest /user, with login (FB/linked/gmail/normal access). For most of below items, you would need to create video’s. 

    Expand website, or modify based on e-commerce based software tools. As everything will be inbuilt and cheaper for development

    1. Recipe based selling:  Recipe items, common ingredients can be listed. Also with username and login, that content can be stored for a particular customer. So you would need good amount storage and manipulation 

    2. Menu planner for healthy lifestyle:   Same as above 

    3. Cooks/Chefs: Same as above

    4. Rating and Review based selling:  Same as above

    5. Points System  : Same as above

    6. Food events:   Same as above

    7. Wishlist and Reorder from previous orders.: Same as above

  8. Hi Bhaskaruni Ravi,

    Thank you for your valuable feeback, I appreciate that.
    Being a programmer myself, I could easily relate to what you are saying. I’m developing the site in and sql server along with WCF. I’ll be moving to NOSQL probably after 2.0

    1. Login is via Facebook/Normal already developed.

    Storage is cloud based only and currently SQL Server is where the manipulation is going to take place.

    Hoping to get regular technical feedback from you, will be in touch with you.

    ~Sunil Suri

  9. Thanks for acknowledging.

    Being techie ( semi-techie), would request you have a clean landing page or Drop-down menu or multiple pages. 

    Each user will get his own page, repeat orders and  recipe based orders. 

     Also, some kind of data analytics built in to help.

    Rather than the big-bang release in Nov, You can plan for incremental releases. Also, need to have blogs posted daily

    Also, I have seen, you are  located in Delhi. Any plans for expansion in South India?.


  10. Hi Bhaskaruni Ravi,

    Home page and other pages are going to have a menu, a drop down as you’ve correctly pointed out.
    User can login using Facebook and normal into their dashboard where they will be able to see the entire activities.

    Since we are almost 70% done we are keen to release entire stuff in one go.

    Our idea is to focus on Delhi for the next 6 months, we want to penetrate deeper and not wider as of now.

    Thanks again for your valuable feedback.

    ~Sunil Suri

  11. These are some very good ideas, Sunil !

  12. Thank you so much Puneet G.

    ~Sunil Suri

  13. I liked Bhaskara ideas of storing prior orders…

    What the ROI on this kind of business? -65%? 

  14. Dear Sir,

    Yes, Customers can view their previous orders and also re-order can be done from the previous orders, this feature has already been developed. But they can view their 5 last orders only.
    We have the wishlist feature wherein customers can add the products they need on regular basis and then order can be generated from there as well.

    Sir since our business model is slightly different, ROI has been +8%-10%. We don’t do instant deliveries for fruits and vegetables(which others have been doing), and therefore we are not losing money.

    Thanks & Regards

    ~Sunil Suri

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