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Get things done entrepreneur(s) for partnerships with good network.


Iam a internet/domain investor and I live in The Netherlands. In 2005 when the .in domains were created I invested a lot in that and now I own about 160 top premium .in domains.
Currently we are running multiple projects for the Indian market. Because I live in the Netherlands I need people in India that can help me set up this projects and make them a succes.

First I have projects (with a business plan) that will need a manager(s)/entrepreneur(s) that can set it up/create a team and get things that are needed ,done.
The domains I own are the best for setting up sites/portals but the delivery of products, storage of the products and sales/promotion of the products will have to be done from inside India.
We already have a network in India, but we believe things will be done sooner and better with the right people involved. 

What people iam looking for:
– Motivated people
– People with a good network and experience with management in India.
– People that believe in the businessplan’s and want to put in energy to make sales and earn money.
– A real entrepreneur that understands what has to be done, this means make calls, contact people, make deals, sell products. “GET IT DONE”
– Someone that understands that you cannot do everything yourself, you need to make contact to get things done. You will need a good reliable team!
– A technical background is good but you a real entrepreneur gets it done even without technical background (by letting a technical person do the things that have to be done).
– Be able to arrange funding, with the correct businessplan.

What do i offer:
– Projects that have the potential of earning millions (usd) in about 3 years, with business plan.
– You will become my partner and you will become shared owner of the project and we will share profits.
– I have the best brandable domains for starting up webshops and or other platforms that will receive a lot of traffic/customers.

Whe have a manager in Mumbai that you can meet if you want, he will also be there the 27 of Juli with the meeting in Mumbai.
Before we can do business with someone I will have to meet the entrepreneur in person.

For more information, contact me.



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  1. Share one of the .in domains that you own so as to excite us a little and make us a little more motivated to take the first step…

  2. Sanchita,

    Thank you for the message, i can mention some names.
    The sites that are almost done are:

    We started off with this, but the real good names are the ones we want to start with, and i will mention one.

    If someone wants the names we want to use in the future, you can contact me private and get in contact.



  3. Bert,

    Whenever in India give a shout, am working on similar things.


  4. Hi Bert,

    Having spent close to 25 years with top notch MNCs in the ICT industry in India, it’s time for me to invest in my own venture and be my own boss !

    I am based out of Delhi (and derive my strength from this city). If you or your manager are planning to be in town in near future, do drop in a word and we can catchup to arrive at mutually beneficial objectives.

    You may also connect with me through linkedIn at

    With best regards,



  5. Bert,

    I own the following Domains & am planning to sell if the price is right:








    If interested contact the undersigned.

    Dharmaprakash M Shettigar

    +91-9757302384 / +91-9619562806


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