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Google, I love you! – You helped me meet ALOK!

Ok. So it’s time now to acknowledge, to give back, to show appreciation and above all be thankful for everything that this platform has bestowed me with.

It was on afaqs that for the first time ever I heard the name – Alok Kejriwal. I was reading one of his articles. Though I don’t remember the exact topic, I do recall that the article was so compelling that it made me google him. And then I reached this place – which I consider as one of the most fortunate things during my entrepreneurial period till now.

I explored and just to be a part of this blog and to kick start my association, I hastily shared my first blog, which explained a bit about my start-up, a communication firm.

For the coming days, all I did was read, read and read. I started commenting on some discussions and made myself comfortable amongst the vast pool of entrepreneurs sharing their ideas, connecting with each other, suggesting worth-a-million insights and what not. Wonderful it was to spend some time browsing through the platform to make your day look more productive and keep you going for some strange reason.

I don’t exactly remember the number of months of being a Rodinhooder, all I recall and savor is the good things that started flowing in my direction all by staying connected to fellow Rodinhooders. Some of them trusted me with our services and gave us some serious projects that today stand as highlights of my entrepreneurial journey. I am not sure if it’s allowed to mention who gave me what, but I hope they all know how much value they have created for my agency in such a short span.

My mentor (won’t mention the name) left my agency saying that if Alok is enough for you to inspire and enthuse, why should I be here. He once also ridiculed saying that, “May be Alok’s words are more powerful than mine, but my Klout position is better than his.” All that I could feel and sense at that moment was WHAT??HOW DOES THAT MATTER? And then we discontinued our relation with him, which I guess was yet another good thing which Rodinhooders made happen J. Seriously.

I WOULD WORD THIS INCIDENT AS: Lost a Mentor in Exchange of Many Wonderful Mentors!

May be this testimonial hasn’t come out the way I wanted it to as I had many billion thoughts when I started writing this a month ago. But while writing it, I realized that certain things are better conveyed when not said as they cannot be worded the way they should be. Thanks for considering me a part of this fantabulously mindblowing platform which picks me when I am down with a fear and pats me when I am able to do deliver value.

You keep me in spirits and energized with so many people sharing the story with which I connect so well.  

Kudos to everyone and the person behind it, Alok ji, for being such a humble and friendly mentor to everyone over here. You have no idea Alok ji the way you are affecting lives and bringing a positive change in our thoughts and efforts. God bless you and everyone connected to Rodinhoods with tons of goodness.



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  1. you know what i really adore about you anamika…? is that you just “put it out there” – you don’t hold back, you don’t bullshit, you make sure whatever you write is honest and straight from the heart. which is why i always look forward to reading your posts!

    “Lost a Mentor in Exchange of Many Wonderful Mentors!” is such a warm, wonderful, positive (kudos to your attitude!) way to describe what you feel…! thank you for sharing this one anamika. it means a lot to all of us here who are looking for answers or just hanging out with brilliant minds to learn and enrich our lives.

    and thank YOU for being such an active rodinhooder. you always encourage people through your comments. you always react to stories. you always mention how each article has touched you. you always say what’s on your mind; and to me, that is your untiring way of giving….!

    everyone here has an amazing story. by sharing yours, i hope you’ve triggered the domino effect!!!

    keep being you, anamika…

  2. Thanks a lot Asha… I guess I am learning this art from some honest rodinhooders like you.. When I see other people’s story, so naked and blunt, i get encouraged to represent myself the same way. And I am happy I am able to do that even if in a minor way… 

    You just made my day with your detailed comment :))


  3. In this age where we are all fraught with artificial emotions and thought process it is always nice to see some authenticity. I could sense that while reading your post and the comments below (or above?). Keep up the good work. I’m too lazy to figure out currently what you do but god bless you for whatever you’re doing.

    And yes, the blog has helped me personally as well. I must thank Himanshu Mody here who spoke good things about this blog that caught my attention. I’ve had the privilege to spend some time personally with Alok that helped me shape my business model. I’d always be thankful to him for that.

    PS: keep writing, Anamika.

  4. Thanks a lot Ronak. We are an advertising firm doing crazy communication stuff for some serious brands.. We bite our nails to reach out to ideas, hence the name, ‘nailbites’ 🙂

    It’s comments like these that inspires me to ‘keep writing’ my heart out. 🙂

  5. This platform is BIGGER than Google for sure! I’ve learnt so much from fellow Rodinhoods like you Anamika. All the best for your endeavor 🙂



  6. Thanks a lot Karthik!! We all learn from each other. 

  7. Anamika JI, this “mentor” has a score higher 77?

    77 is pretty high 🙂

    Please check his score once again 🙂

  8. 🙂 Alok Ji, i didn’t even bother to compare the scores as I knew who scored more when it came to hearts 🙂 Still will check !

  9. Hi Anamika joshi,

    Can you please help me out, to meet Alok Sir, How i should contact him and want to meet once. It would be helpful if you share some thing with me.



  10. amit,

    since you are based in mumbai – wait for the next Open House to be announced. and then attend it!!! you will get to meet alok there. simple!!

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